"The Germ?"


I was at a work shop when someone mentioned that the celebrant was inserting song in the middle of “the germ.” What does "the germ’ mean?


The GIRM - The General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

The Roman Missal is the Sacrementary. The General Instruction lays out rules and guidelines for the celebration.


Oh, how I long for the days when there was no need for a GIRM or Liturgical Commitees of every kind, when all that was needed was a leather-bound copy of the Missale Romanum- say the black, do the red.


Yes, feel free to continue longing, Caesar. The appropriate forum for such longings can be found just above this one. It is titled “Tradtitional Catholicism”.


There is no need for that kind of comment. Let’s be charitible here.


Question having been asked and answered, the thread is now closed.

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