The Gideons: NT And Psalms

I recalled yesterday how when I was at High School here in the UK we had a visit from the Gideon Society who gave us all a copy of the New Testmanent and Psalms.

Looking back, it was from the NIV bible, is there anything wrong with reading this? It has no footnotes so youre guaranteed that protestant doctrine isnt being dished out, but what about the text though?

Obviously since then I’ve got my own Bibles but I was just wondering. I assume the Gideons are a protestant organisation? What on earth was a Catholic school doing letting them in with their scriptures? The mind boggles! :confused:

Actually for a Protestant Bible you could do worse than the NIV NT and Psalms. It uses the same Greek Text as the RSV ,it is less literal it does have pleasing modern English. Pax.

Could be worse, after all our text for our Religious Studies exam was the Gospel of Mark…Good News Translation!:smiley:


I always liked having the little compact size NT and Psalms to carry around in my purse for when I was waiting in line or whatever… perfect for those moments. I don’t think the version matters for those cases when you aren’t reading to study the bible… that definitely wouldn’t be the bible I would pick for a bible study class.

I bought the Ignatius RSV 2CE NT and Psalms in leather for
under $20. Its a very nice quality and has the same print size (9)
as their regular RSV 2CE bible. It is very portable and even has
2 ribbon markers.

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