The Gift of Jesus

**The Gift of Jesus
God has given us a great gift, Jesus,
Who became man to fully redeem us,
Reside fully within each living soul,
Enabling us to be completely whole.

God in His Wisdom and His perfect love
Wanted to united us with Him Above,
Sent His divine Son to become human,
Conceived in the womb and born of woman.

Jesus grew from a baby to a child,
His ways humble, gentle, loving and mild,
Raised in love in the Holy Family,
Experiencing our humanity.

When Jesus grew up to full adulthood,
He began to teach about brotherhood,
Loving your neighbor as you love yourself,
And loving God with your whole entire self.

He showed us love by dying on the cross,
Showing us love is victory not loss,
Redeeming us fully out of His love,
Desiring to unite with us above.

Jesus now desires to live in our Heart,
Residing there never ever to part,
Sharing His deep love in us endlessly,
Flowing out in our love mercifully.

Jesus is the greatest gift we receive,
He helps us love and in God to believe,
With Him in our heart, all is possible,
With Him, we can do the incredible.

Thank You dear God, for Your gift of Jesus,
Who came in love to redeem each of us,
Who makes us each better every day,
Who teaches us Your perfect loving way.

Copyright 2015 - Thomas A. Stobie, SFO. Permission to copy for personal use granted.

Just finished this poem. Enjoy. God bless.

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