The Girl Scouts of America: “Happy, Healthy, and Hot" makes me really sad. I’d always thought of the Girl Scouts as an organization which helps to develop women with strong moral values.

Apparently their definition and mine are very different.

Why isn’t abstinence the message here?

The problem with using a blog as a news source is that it often is heavy on editorial and light on facts. The brochure was for HIV positive girls. It was handed to six teens who attended a UN panel.

The blog quotes an unnamed source which tries to paint the brochure as sexually adventurous. It isn’t. Here is the actual brochure:…HealthyHot.pdf

The point about teaching abstinence, however is valid. The brochure does not encourage that, which surprised me.

Here is a link to a thread about this topic which was started yesterday.

The Catholic News Agency article reporting this story ( states that the brochures “are aimed at young people with HIV” but it doesn’t indicate that they were restricted to HIV positive girls.

Either way, IMHO the suggestions or instructions included in this brochure were inappropriate. Abstinence should have been the message.

Your brochure link didn’t work (truncated), so I found it here:

The quotes on the blog are on pages 9 and 10 [Edit clarification - pgs 7&8 of the brochure…which are pages 9&10 of the pdf], so the “sexually adventurous” part is not made up.

That said, my daughter is a junior girl scout. If they get into sexual topics, we will deal with it the same way we have with the schools.

It surprises you that an abortion profiteer does not encourage abstinence? If people practiced abstinence, Planned Parenthood would be out of business. That would be like the devil encouraging people to go to Mass.

Posters might be interested in these sites as well. One with the story and the other an opinion piece on why GS is not compatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church. That is the issue for Catholics, or it should be. I am a GS leader and I do not want to support PP or IPPF so we will not be GS anymore. The connection between GS and PP and IPPF is documented and cannot be denied. If that is in line with your teachings but it completely contradicts the teachings of the Church.

This is the WAGGGS website (international organization for GS) that confirms that young people were at the UN conference and were advocating for policies that are contrary to Church teaching:

Dale, regardless if it was 6 or 600000 this is not material that is appropriate for any girl scout organization.

I did manage to download the pdf. And it is revolting. If I found this in my home (other than in my “Oh yeah? Look at this” file) I’d have a fit. It instructs directly on how to commit mortal sin. Each page of the brochure drips with evil. There is nothing positive. The word ‘abstain’ does not appear in the document.

There is no excuse for this. The only acceptable response is a full public apology, and a comittment to never allow anything like this again. I’d even ask for the resignation of the person(s) responsible.

If no one believed in God, they also wouldn’t believe in the Devil. You cannot believe in one and not the other.


I don’t understand what you mean. I didn’t say anything about believing in God. I said it would be like the devil encouraging people to go to Mass.

Going to Mass entails believing in God (if you go honestly). But believing in God does not necessarily entail going to Mass. I guess it depends on what you mean be “believe”. Even the demons ‘believe’ in God, if by “believe” you merely mean “assent to the intellectual proposition that X exists”.

Going to Mass means serving God and becoming sanctified.

For those considering leaving or avoiding Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls ( is a Christian alternative to Girl Scouts.

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