The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

I recently saw this movie and am thinking of reading the book. I’m not sure I like the movie…too brutal and explicit but the character development and plot structure I did like. Basically it took all the old elements of the old classic mysteries like Agatha Cristie’s novels and tried to update them. I did like the ending though…I won’t reveal anything because it would spoil the book/movie for those new to the story.

Haven’t seen the movie, but have read all the books.
The book is probably every bit as explicit as the movie, but at least you can skim over it if you object. I enjoyed the mystery/thriller aspect and eagerly read the series, but there’s definitely moral issues with the characters. Of course, it’s fiction, so there you go.

I have read an excerpt from this book but didn’t know if I really want to read it. Is it as good a read as everyone says it is?

In a sense it’s really the introduction to an entirely different story which is the focus of the second and third books - which, in turn, give it its context. It stands alone but you only really understand the characters (especially ‘Lisbeth’) after you’ve read ‘fire’ and ‘hornet’s nest’.

I suppose it rather depends on your reading habits - there’s nothing that would upset most crime fiction readers - especially if you like ‘Nordic Crime’ writers like Mankell (the Wallender books).

I am within 75 pgs of completing this book. There is not one person w/ any moral character or even a desire to be good in this book. There is not a character that I like. There is a statistic pertaining to violance against women (in Sweden) @ the beginning of ea. section of this book. I have no idea if these stats, which are high, are legit or if they are like that silly stat about violance against women & the super bowl that was made up.

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