The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I just saw the movie and am currently reading the book. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long while. Disturbing in parts, but a very good story.
Anyone else read the book or seen the movie?

I love movies far better then the books. I have actually seen all three and thought “The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest” was the best. I’m going back to read the books now and while they help me understand the Lisabeth Salander character better and her actions and reactions I still like the movies far better than the books. Winter’s Bone is also an excellent movie. It’s about rural Missouri and a girls search for her father in the Ozarks so the family doesn’t loose their house. The book again is so so but the movie was wonderful.

I loved Winter’s Bone. I thought it was one of the best movie’s I have seen all year. :thumbsup:

I have and I think its a great story. Lisbeth Salander is extremely intriguing as a character, to say the least.

I watched ‘the Girl Who Played With Fire’ last night and really liked it. I thought the lesbian scene was random and really not important to the plot, but then again, thats what the fast forward button is for, lol. I’m really looking forward to the 3rd one coming out next month.

Barely made it through the 1st book - way too disturbing for me. I’m really NOT a prude, but there comes a point where I no longer want to spend good money to support entertainment that profits from descriptions of such terrible human tragedy. And yes, I know it is fiction.

I agree with the last poster. I read only the first book and saw none of the movies but think that the pornographic descriptions of the vile disturbing sex was disgusting and unnecessary.

With so much violence against women I think it’s good that an author (especially a male author) would try to bring attention to that problem. Sweden supposedly has a bad problem with violence against women, and that was one of the reasons he wrote the series. I understand that alot of people wouldn’t be able to handle the books or mores, but I’d hardly call them pornographic.

Novels are the trip, movies are souvenirs.

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