"The Gloria"

My girls and I were singing “The Gloria” today, and my daughter asked if I knew where we could listen to the version we use. Please excuse this question, but where could I found out which arrangement we use at church? I have heard several versions so far (I am in RCIA, so I am just learning), but the version used most often is more uptempo, and it’s catchy :blush:

Can you recommend any online?


Upbeat and catchy sounds like an OCP version. Oregon Catholic Press. Look in front of your missalette. I don’t know if they have recordings but you could check their website.

You could just send an email to the music director, or if it’s a smaller parish, just call and ask the secretary or the pastor. They’ll be glad to help you.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo…


Ask the piano player or the organist.

I’m fairly new to the Catholic Church myself (2004), but I’ve been playing for masses in different parishes.

Many of the “Glorias” are from a specific mass; e.g., my home parish uses Mass of Creation. The Italian parish where I play uses the Mass of Angels and Saints.

And I’ve seen various “Glorias” in the hymnals.

So just ask the pianist or organist which Gloria you are doing in your church. They’ll be able to show you the book and you can find out the date, composer, etc.

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