The glories of Christ

I thought it would be edifying if we had a thread exploring the many glories of our Saviour. Comment with some of the beauties of our Lord.

I’ll start us off by saying: He upholds all of creation, from the crawling ant to the distant galaxy, He upholds it all in existence. “he upholds the universe by the word of his power.”

Hebrews 1:3


I asked some people here on CAF to pray for one of my brothers in Christ. He had lung cancer. After a few weeks that I posted the thread, he went to the doctor and found that the tumor had shrunk considerably. A few weeks after that, the tumor was completely gone. The doctors didn’t have an explanation for it.

God is so good! :grinning:


That’s such a wonderful answer to prayer! :heart:

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Think of it like a litany.

I’ll do a few more :heart:
He is the Covenant keeper
The curse crusher
The good shepherd
The friend of sinners!

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