The 'God Emperor Trump' Walketh

Amazing art.

“Dazi Vostri” means “your taxes”.


It’s a play on words.


This is probably the strangest piece of news I’ve ever heard. :joy:

I hope somebody makes and markets a desk doll/bobble head thingy for the desk. I’d buy one. Whoever would make it would get rich.

It’s an Italian tradition to make satirical political floats for the Carnival season.

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Oh ok lol
Thanks for telling me.
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Here’s one from the 80’s.

A satirical Ronald Reagan, you can see Margaret Thatcher in the background. Up front are some Italian political figures .


Where can I get one of these? Asking for a friend.

“As the Emperor protects, so must we.”

Or “da i vostri zii” from your uncles!

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