The Godfather films

I’ve recently gotten into the Godfather movies and am a fan. Anyone else a fan?

I am a huge fan of The Godfathers 1 & 2. Not much of a 3 fan, though. I especially love 2 because they go back to Sicily & show when he first came over to the United States. Because I am into Genealogy & have researched my Italian side who came through Ellis Island, the scene where the ship is coming into New York Harbor, passing the Statue of Liberty is especially moving to me. Also, I found out that the scene of Don Corleone’s funeral was in Calvary Cemetery, where my Grandfather, Great-Grandparents, Great-Great- Grandmother & Great Uncles are buried. That is in Woodside/Queens, New York and is one, if not the largest Cemeteries in the country.

I find myself having a certain fascination with those films, altho Miss Bonnie hates them. I only recently saw GF-III; I don’t think it was quite up to I and II, but still good.

We were living in Japan when GF-I came out. I was so impressed with the big black cars that when our Mitsubishi Colt died, I bought a used black Nissan Cedric (think: black '55 Chevy, slightly downsized).

Definitely a fan of the trilogy. The third movie would have been much improved by the recasting of Sohpia Coppola as Mary Corleone. I understand the issues surrounding her work in the film, but she was painful to watch nonetheless. Bravo had all three on consecutively last night, by the way.

I really cant stand watching 3, I found it painful to do so the first time I saw it. Godfather part I is my favorite, partly because it has Marlon Brando in it(amazing actor), but mostly because I prefer the New York setting to the Vegas/Cuba in part II. II was good also, I loved the Flashbacks into Vito’s life, I would love the movie by itself if it was just his backstory.

Considering the sacrilegious scene in it with the baptism I personally don’t like it.

I did not like that scene either, I always get angry when I see Michael recite the creed while we see the assassinations taking place :mad:

I like 1&2 as well. Once they made a version for TV, The Godfather Saga which consisted of 1&2 cut together chronologically so it starts in Sicily with the killing of Vito’s father, thru his young days in NY, and so on. I’ve never seen it on DVD.

As for the baptism scene I think it is intended to show how deep Michael’s hypocrisy runs – his agreeing to be godfather assures Carlo (the traitor) and by extension his enemies that he doesn’t suspect anything. It’s a brilliant move, strategically.

Doesnt change the fact that the scene itself is sacrilegious. As Rev. John Trigilio from EWTN say’s in his book Catholicism for Dummies, “the scene is not only ironic but sacrilegious - something holy is desecrated.”

That’s funny- I was just going to post about the same thing. I am a huge fan of DeNiro and Scorsese, and F.F. Coppola, and I always felt sort of weird about it, between the issues with the Church, and the way groups like the Sons of Italy tell me (I am Italian-American) that I am supposed to find Mafia movies culturally offensive. I don’t, though- I think they portray a very real part of this country’s history with candor and realism and complexity of character.

Scorsese was a dropout seminarian, wasn’t he?

Yeah, I’m Italian American as well and probably shouldn’t like this sort of thing but the movies are just so good! Except for the third, I just finished it and did NOT like it. I was pretty PO’d about the ending. And the whole Mary/Vincent romance kind of repulsed me.

It’s funny, two of my guy friends are also Italian and they are convinced that I look like Connie Corleone! One of them has started calling me Connie as a result. I find it pretty funny.

I didn’t know that about Scorcese. I knew he was Catholic though.

Martin Scorcese directed “The Last Temptation of Christ.” I guess he didn’t learn much in Seminary (or even CCD):cool: .

I’m Italian American too. The Godfather films do not offend me. They are very well made. Other mob movies are more offensive, especially ones that are supposed to be comedies. I did not like the “Soprano’s” though, except for the bits of subtle humor hear and there. My favorite line is when the Russian mistress tells Tony, “Where is my Knight in white satin armor” too funny

My favorite characters are:
Godfather 1 Sonny Corleone, although I shouldn’t, I get a kick of the scene where he gives Carlo a beating.

Godfather 2: Frankie Pentangeli. I think the way he is portrayed as a sweet little old Italian man, yet calling for hits against the Rosado brothers, is just really great acting and film making.

Godfather 3. I don’t really like, but George Hamilton’s character is funny, just because he makes me think of the crackers he does commercials for.

My favorite scene in Godfather 2 is with the land lord and Vito asks him to let the lady and dog stay. The landlord tells vito off, then comes back asking for pardon and says, “The rent stays like before”

I was lucky to catch it on cable tv with no swearing. I only watch 1 & 2.

It played on my childhood mobster fantasies. :smiley:

Scorsese is a lapsed Catholic.
And by the way i love the Godfather movies. Like everyone else on the thread, i like I and II better than III. I also love Goodfellas, Casino, the Departed, and all those Scorsese films, although those are much more explicit than the Godfather. And although i probably shouldn’t, i love the Sopranos. Anyone else watch it? It portrays a much more realistic gangster life in terms of violence and sex, but i still love it.

I love the Sopranos too! :thumbsup:

I just got the 4th season on dvd. Not the best season, but i love the episode with Chris’s intervention.

Don Vito and I share something. No, I haven’t made people offers they can’t refuse. We share a birthday! So, I have to have cannoli on December 7th, with a candle.

I love all three (III is for laughs, mostly). I have a Godfather Film Festival every year, where we make Italian food and mouth the lines along with the movies. One year, I even got a small wedding cake to serve during Connie’s wedding to Carlo. One year, we had a prize to see who could be the most annoying and whiney Mary, right before she dies (“Dad? Dad?”). Another year, we had a prize for who could sound the closest to Don Vito with the fullest mouth.

The scene where Michael is more or less selling his soul during the bapitsm is the climax of I !!!

I watched all of the Soprano episodes. I still say, it is a morality opera, where the wages of sin are death.

Godfather Part I is amazing, the other two are meh.

Hey! My Italian Grandfather’s birthday was December 7th, may God rest his soul. I love your idea of a Godfather party, I may have to borrow that idea from you;) . Check out this Youtube video my Brother sent me, it’s great! If the link does not work, go to youtube and put in Pepsi Italian style. I think it was a commercial from the early 90’s.

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