'The Golden Compass' -- the video game!

As if the upcoming movie release wasn’t enough, the militant atheistic trilogy His Dark Materials will also be adapted into a video game – and a seemingly good one, too!

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Parents, beware!

I am grateful for this information and have emailed my concerns to the Scholastic publisher as well. I will spread this information to my neighbors who all have children in our Catholic school.

AH, it probably won’t be that good. Most games based on movies are pretty bad. They always try to hop on the movie’s bandwagon and fail miserably.

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I’m not so up-in-arms about the video game because I don’t know ANYONE who played a video game and then said - wow, I gotta read the book! (Although I did read some DNI book(s) based on Myst).

Although it’s another dollar in that clowns pocket so I won’t be buying it.

Unless you want your kids to start turning to “the universe” and praying to their personal demon spirits, boycott the movie, the video game — and above all, the book series!

Oh COME ONE. I’m not supporting the book or anything but I’m sick of people treating kids like they’re the stupidest beings on the planet :mad:

Kids are smarter then we give them credit for.

No one’s saying kids are stupid. Quite the contrary. We’re talking about exercising our rights as parents to protect them from spiritually harmful content.

Some things are worth fighting for.

This guy certainly thinks so:

Unless you want your kids to start turning to “the universe” and praying to their personal demon spirits, boycott the movie, the video game — and above all, the book series!

I’m sorry, but that makes it sound like kids are idiots who somehow can’t distinguish between the real world and the fantasy world.

If I was a kid and I read that, I’d be insulted.

It’s the same junk going on with Harry Potter: “If my kids read Harry Potter they’re gonna become witches and sacrifice black cats to Satan!”

Once again, I am not supporting the books, but we need to stop treating kids like they are stupid and can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Kids are not idiots. I never said that. Neither has anyone else, here.

This is no different from shielding kids from drugs or sex or violence in the media. Obviously most kids are smart enough to know that drugs are bad and that violence is bad and that they shouldn’t have premarital sex. But allowing them to be exposed to movies with gratuitous debauchery can numb their senses and blunt their better instincts. (This is true for adults too – and before you say anything of the sort, no, I’m not calling adults idiots either :wink:

Look, reading Harry Potter is not going to make children into witches. Nor is seeing The Golden Compass or playing the video game going to make kids pray to demons. But, that said, each is yet another thing that builds upon the other bad influences to which they are exposed by this Culture of Death.

Gradually, then, it may build to the point where the balance is tipped, and the ‘natural morality’ of secular humanism becomes more attractive than the ‘supernatural morality’ of the Faith. Choosing one’s own way – picking what to believe – is preferable to the duty-laden and difficult way of the Church. So they start to feel that they can be ‘deep’ and ‘spiritual’ without going to Mass. They may believe that there is no need for Confession because sin doesn’t really matter; it’s just good or bad choices in life. They don’t need to pray because there isn’t someONE to pray to, just a general sense of spiritual awareness to become attuned to.

This is how the devil works – not usually by possession or converting people to satanists or occultists or sadists, but by gradually increasing the distance between someone and God.

Remember The Screwtape Letters? Also a work of fiction, but incredibly insightful. Makes you think…

Lex orandi, lex credendi. If you take aware the prayer; take away the turning toward God; then the person starts to believe that he has the power, within himself, to run his own life. And that’s the fatal mistake that can doom him to Hell.

Anyway, this is what the anxiety over these secularist (let alone militant atheist) works is all about. We’re not worried that our kids will start wearing witching hats or shouting spells or what have you. We’re worried that they will fall further from the Faith.

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