The Golden Ratio


I was watching this video on youtube and I was stunned by what I saw. I am quite a gullible person at times and I have no choice but to believe this evidence is true. Every time I think of a possibility of a religion apart from being Christian - it just breaks my heart and because of this I don’t even want to go church or confession. Im just holding back. Im so confused. Please explain and help… :frowning:


Yes, that is quite gullible. Saying you have “no choice” but to believe it because you saw it on You Tube?

I’m sorry, this is beyond gullible.


But . . . it’s on the INTERNET! It HAS to be true! They don’t let you put things on the internet that aren’t true!


(Full disclosure: I haven’t watched the video.)

(Fuller disclosure: I don’t intend to watch it, until I know more about it, and even then I may choose not to watch it.)


Do not be troubled by this hoax. If you google “mecca golden ratio,” you will find websites that debunk or expose the hoax. The best I have found is this one:
The Golden Ratio Point of the Earth
Briefly, Mecca is close but not exactly at a golden-mean latitude or longitude. The Golden Mean point as defined in the video is about 12 miles north and 185 miles east of Mecca.

So go back to church, go to confession, and pray for spiritual healing.

P.S. I did watch the video. It is nothing to fear, just a slick video with some factual errors.


For the record, I chose not to watch because I don’t have the time to waste, not because I was afraid of it.


I didn’t watch the video so I can’t comment directly on it.

There is a “golden ration” that exists in nature and has been used by artists, musicians, etc for a very long time because it is asthetically pleasing. The Classical Greeks used it extensively in their architecture.

A good place to find out about it is on Wikipedia - they have a good article on it.

As far as Islam or the Kaaba is concerned, it is possible they used the Golden ration in their art and architecture. But it is a mathematical reality, not a spiritual one. If the Kaaba is miraculous because of the golden ration then so are most classical Greek buildings, many modern US buildings built on Greek models, and a host of other artistic works too numerous to name.

And yes, you are gullible if you take youTube videos at face value without investigating them. If you can find internet videos, and know how ask about them here, then you could have easily Googled “golden ration” and read about it from reliable sources.


New age gnosticism under the guise of religion.

I did put the video on but the audio is unbearable. The guys voice is bizarre and the vibration of the background track made me physically nauseaus. I couldn’t watch the thing at all.


Also, If the golden ratio is supposed to prove the truth of Islam that is a problem. First the Kaaba isn’t on the Earths golden ratio. Even if it was, it was build long before Mohammad was born. If the location of the Kaaba “proves” that Islam is true, then it also “proves” that the worship of Hubal and the hundreds of other “gods” who’s idols have been enshrined there over the centuries are also true.

Wikipedia has a good article on the history of the Kaaba and it’s use before Mohammed.


Thank you soo much you guys. I was seriously troubled by this but in the end I did go to Confession but the Mass was cancelled - dont really know why. And thank you for excusing my gullibility :). I tend to believe anything these days :confused: I just don’t really like to see anything in a bad light. But thank you anyways!!!

Pray for me
May God’s blessing be with you all always.

P.S. while I was dwelling and thinking about this looking outside my window.this black cat whom I initially thought was a plastic bag jumped on my window screen. Loooool I thought it was the devil trying to get me. I thought it was pretty funny looool. :smiley:


I would think that there should be two “golden ratio circles”. The East-West dividing point is arbitrary- unless Allah is British, he probably wouldn’t but the UK at the center. Furthermore, North/South is arbitrary as well.


Indeed, if you swap north and south, and swap east and west, you find another golden ratio point… in (or very near) Rio de Janeiro:


The Sydney Opera House in Australia also supposedly conforms to the Golden mean.

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