The GOOD, the BAD and the Ugly of


Being single.

The is supposed to be funny have a good time with it.


Can do what you want.
No annoying habits to put up with but your own. :thumbsup:
You’re always right and will always win an argument at home.:thumbsup:
No struggles for the remote control:cool:

Can’t ever use the 2 for 1 dining coupons. To do so on a date would just be tacky but with a spouse no big deal. :rolleyes:
There’s no one to fix stuff if you aren’t mechanically inclined. :rolleyes:
Your opinion rules which isn’t always a good thing. :eek:
Hotels, flights and vacations in general cost more unless you get a travel buddy. :mad:

Must put up with the odd relative or friend who tries to match you up or always asks …gotta a boyfriend or girlfriend yet??
People assume something is wrong with you if you live alone and aren’t seeing someone.


I used the 2 for 1 dining coupons on dates. We figured if we are going to get married, no point in wasting money that could be saved... finances will be combined eventually. Also got to try some good restaurants we otherwise would never have tried. Also financial responsibility is a good quality to look for in a spouse. If someone has a 2-for-1 coupon, and elects not to use it to impress a date - well that's just stupid if you ask me. I'd rather use the 2-for-1 coupon and go somewhere nice, vs take the date to Big Boy or Denny's because that's all you can afford without a coupon.


Glad it worked for you.


The good:
*]If I don’t feel like cooking, I can have just a bowl of tomatoes, olives, and pickles for dinner. :eek: And a bowl of cherries and grapes for dessert. :smiley:
*]If I don’t feel like doing the vacuuming, I can let it go for a week. Or a month. Or longer. :o
The bad:
*]Nothing gets done around the house unless I’m physically capable of doing it by myself, or if I can afford to hire someone.
*]At this point in my life, going places alone has gotten REALLY old, and most of the time, I’d rather just stay home than go to concerts and such alone (at my age, everyone else in the world goes to things with children/grandchildren, etc, and I don’t have this option).
*]Either having to divide every recipe to make just one or two servings, or eating the same thing every night for a week (or limiting myself to cooking only those things that freeze well).
*]Having to do everything myself – the mommy jobs, the daddy jobs, and the kid jobs, after a full day at the office (I never get to say “Dear, please take out the garbage”, or “Katie, please empty the dishwasher”. :smiley: )
*]The Single Person’s Paradox (for those of us who live in super-high-cost-of-living areas): I can’t afford to live where I work (housing costs too high), and I can’t afford to work where I live (salaries too low to make it on one income), so I always have a really long commute.
The ugly:
*]People 10 or 20 years younger than I am treating me as a child because I’ve never been married.
*]People who think I should be the same size and have the same shape I did at age 20, just because I haven’t had children (big news flash, gravity and age affect EVERYONE!)
*]Being alone in the house with pneumonia, bronchitis, and total laryngitis (unable to use phone), falling out of bed during a coughing spell, and you just lie there on the floor because there is nobody to help you get back into bed. :frowning:


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