The good, the bad & the fundy


As Islam spread universities, libraries, books, science, astronomy, mathematics were produced. A push for knowledge was at the for front of Islam from Spain through North Africa out through the middle east and to points unknown in Asia. Then something happened. Radical fundamentalism took over, and the progression of knowledge stopped. People in those countries were/are kept ignorant, and told to believe what to believe. Fast forward to now and the near future, and the same could be said about America. Where Christan fundamentalists are driving at the beat. Where political lobbying has driven them to try to push creationism into the school cirriculum, and the drive to get religion and prayer back into the schools. All it would need is some radical fundamentalists to get into office and help pushlong these agendas from within. And in no time America could be just like the other side of the coin like the Islamic nations where univerisites, libraries, places of knowledge are shut down and let’s have us a big ol’ book burning. “Wanna learn somethin’? Just look to The BYBOL…it got all yer answers right dem der in doze pages.”

Anybody thought the suppresion of knowedge and truth and snowball effect in America so in a couple of generations it could be just like this scenario?


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