The GOP's Third Party Option


What do all of y’all think of this?


This thread needs a link to a news story


There’s this: GOP figures meet to plan a third-party run against Trump


My personal opinion: if Trump loses the nomination and wants to run third-party, he’s welcome to do so; but if he wins the nomination I’m not going to help him lose to Hillary. That’ll be all on him.


The desperation exhibited by the power brokers is laughable. The Washington cartel is about to be broken wide open, exposing the dirty underbelly of the ;political machine for what it is: a self serving organization that has enjoyed years of unfettered access to our resources and have become fat, lazy and sluggish in responding to the outrage of the common man. We are seeing it on the left and the right. sometimes the whole program needs to be scrubbed and then we can start over. Let the scheming continue. God is in charge, at the end of the day. Great governments can be brought low as history has shown us. A country without God is doomed to fail.


There are grassroots conservatives against Trump. They are not part of a ‘Washington cartel.’


Right, if you want to change the GOP establishment, why give the reins to someone who doesn’t share your Christian values? I’d much rather someone who shares my values take the lead.


Well, whatever works. I think it might be fun to be in a cartel don’t you?


P.S. I mean as long as the application form isn’t more than a page or two. :wink:


Well, if the candidates are Trump and Hillary, I won’t vote for either.

I might write someone in.

And I might go back to being an independent.


I’ve never been an Independent, but honestly I’ve been thinking about that subject even before you mentioned it.

Not long ago one a CNN/ORC poll showed 49% of the GOP supporting Trump, and a “YouGov” (?) poll even said 53%. Now, *that’s *hardly a consensus of polls … but in a week of so I think there’s an outside chance that more polls will show majority GOP support for Trump. In that case (which, again, I think quite unlikely) I may decide to stop being a Republican.


This is what makes the support for Trump by so many self-described Christians completely baffling to me. I cannot think of a single quality he embodies that says “Christian”. (Unless you’re a big proponent of the “prosperity Gospel”.)


And I’ll be right there with you.


Trump is the only hope against Hillary. The Republican party needs to put their selfishness aside and recognize that not supporting Trump is supporting Hillary.


And while we are waiting for the perfect candidate we get Hillary, unlikable though she may be. I think we have seen this movie before, in 2012.


There were a number of very good candidates that are now out, the most recent is Marco Rubio.

I can’t vote for him. I can’t pretend that he’s prolife. He has no experience as a prolife person. Could he show any financial support of pro-life causes? New York where he lives has a number of pro-life causes.


He has at least one good quality: he is not Hillary or Bernie. The Democratic Party has transformed itself into the party of abortion, same sex marriage, sexual license, and suppression of religious liberty. One bishop, referring to its unfailing pro-abortion stance, said that it risked becoming “the party of death.” It lost my support with abortion advocacy, and compounded its advocacy of evil by supporting same sex marriage and the HHS mandate.


I’ve often wondered about this type of argument, which I’ve seen before. It seems incompatible with logic to me. Can’t you oppose both candidates?


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t expect a perfect candidate to come along. I would just like one with Christian values and a definite pro-life stance.

Personally, I don’t think that is expecting too much. We had several to choose from. For some reason a lot of people decided against them for someone less principled. IMO if Hilary is elected, they will have themselves to blame. I will not accept responsibility that others picked a less virtuous candidate.


Sorry. Republican orthodoxy now says that people who support Cruz (or Kasich) rather than Trump are really Democrats.

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