The Gospel Centered Life - A nine-lesson study

Does anyone have any experience with this program? It is non-denominational so far as I can tell. I would be attending the Bible Study with all, or nearly all, non-Catholics. This gives me a bit of trepidation as I know one of the program leaders is an evangelical type that has gone overseas to convert Catholics away from the Church.

Still, I have a friend I would like to reconnect with who attends, and she is someone I owe a great debt to. She was the one that really challenged me on some of my false believes about Christianity and forced me to research and confront my woeful (and boastful) lack of understanding. :blush:

I am strong enough in my faith and my debating ability to stand up for the Church, but I don’t want to burden to this group with hearing “the Catholic side” to some of the issues we discuss if that isn’t what they are after. I also don’t want to turn uncharitable, which sometimes happens when I am faced with anti-Catholic statements that have no basis in fact.

I’ve only attended Catholic studies, so I can’t comment on “The Gospel Centered Life.”

Either it will be generic enough to not offend Catholics, or you may find some awkward moments when there.

Is it possible your friend would like to see you convert to her faith?

That is sort of the million dollar question. I have already contacted her telling her that I was very happy with my Church and asked if the study group she attends has any Catholic members, or if she feels belonging to the Church would be a source of problems for other members of the group.

It sounds like you tactfully said the right thing. She knows where you stand.

That alone would keep me away. Attending an ecumenical Bible study is one thing, but I wouldn’t want to appear to be supporting someone who goes on mission trips to convert Catholics. :eek:

It is a big concern. Their website makes it seem like the organization is pretty overtly centered on missionary activities…and relatively “simple” Bible study programs like this one seem to be used to give basic instructions to new members, and part of the larger mission to network and recruit more people towards their cause.

What was noticeably lacking was any sort of firm statement of doctrine that I could review.

I am still waiting to hear back from my friend about my concerns. Maybe she can tell me more. Thanks for the replies so far, any others would be appreciated. I feel a bit stuck between seeing this as an opportunity to share a Catholic viewpoint with a diverse group of Christians, and being afraid the underlying purpose of all this is to draw people into their organization by starting out with friendly, non-confrontation material and an informal food and drink setting before moving on to the “hard sell.” :confused:

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