The "gospel" of Barnabas

Last night I accidentally stumbled on a website which led to reading MANY websites about the “gospel” of Barnabas, found in the year 2000. I’ll try to link some sites later but don’t know how to do it on my phone.

My priest, who’d never heard of it before said it was fake. I’d like some more help with this. I don’t want it to crumble my faith.

Is it fake? How do we know?

Is the Vatican concerned about it like the articles say?

Turkey, where it was discovered took it somewhere treating it with such reverence that they had a police escort.

How, exactly does one “stumble” upon a site such as this?

Faith, given your scruples and compulsive anxiety surrounding false gospels and supposed “proofs” against Christians you need to IMMEDIATELY exit such sites and say a Hail Mary. Do not read such sites without instruction from your spiritual director/confessor who knows your situation.

Faith stop looking for this garbage! The first century Church knew what it was doing. The God who loves you is not trying to trick you by giving secret, hidden gospels to people. Everything we need for salvation is out in the open, available from the Church.

Because it was not known in antiquity and appears only in the 17th century.


In 2012, a manuscript in Syriac was found in Turkey and was originally thought to be part of this text but turned out to be something else.

Faith-- please stop reading these conspiracy websites. They are bad for you.

Late fraudulent text.

Nothing to see here

Are you talking about “the secret bible”? If so, what did it turn out to be?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Faith, just stop it. There is no secret bible.

That’s why I put it in quotation marks. The “gospel” of Barnabas was found with, or a part of (it’s not clear to me) something called “the secret bible”, found in Turkey by smugglers, in the year 2000. It’s written on leather in gold ink and worth millions of dollars.

Did you hear about any of this before tonight?

1ke made good points. Do you acknowledge that you’re chasing after doubts needlessly?

I don’t know. I have OCD and my faith is SO important to me and I’m terrified something will take it away from me.

Having said that, I don’t want this to derail the thread.

If you’re terrified that something will take your faith away from you, stop looking for or paying attention to anything that threatens to take your faith.

Remember what Our Lord said to Thomas, who would only believe when he saw the wounds in Christ’s side: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

What do you need to see before you will just have faith in God and believe?

Will you continue to allow obscure things such as this so-called “gospel” distract you from belief in God’s Church?

I’d rather discuss this threads title. You can start another thread if you want to.
If you do, let me know where it is.

I think someone called about this on Catholic Answeres not sure I who the moderator was, possibly Jummy Aikin. Anyway, it is a false gospel and was not written by Barnsbas. The caller thought that this was a true gospel and wanted to know why it wasn’t in the Bible.

Yes, it is a fake, but that depends on what you mean by fake. I don’t think your priest is right to dismiss anything he has not heard of as fake. There was for instance, a letter of Barnabas which was authentic and was read at mass in some early churches but did not make it into the final list of NT books. It came close but most Catholics today have never heard of it.

This book is likely written late Middle Ages. We are quite familiar with it in my country because some Muslim ‘scholars’ use it to justify Mohammad as the coming prophet after Jesus and that Jesus did not die on the cross. Most of them have not read it though - such is the scholarship of these people.

The book is quite long and written with a Muslim slant. So if you do read it, you will need to check with your priest on anything you feel uncomfortable.

So it is fake or not? I’m :confused:

The Holy See does not have a copy of it so what statement could they make about it?

Is it possible it’s real and factual, or is it fake? If it’s fake, how do we know?

What was it, then?

The Gospel of Barnabas was written between 15th and 17th centuries. It is also known as the secret bible. It is as long as the 4 gospels almost.

It has a muslim slant
it rejects the Trinity
it rejects Jesus died on the Cross.

It also claims Barnabas as one of the 12 Apostles. The Gospels of the True Bible say Barnabas was a later Disciple

Faith do you believe in the Catholic Church?
Do you accept Jesus Christ died and rose again, for our salvation

Dont confuse it with the Epistle of Barnabas.7

Same way as before – determined by Catholic bishops.

John 14

26 But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you.

Catholic Answers

In the first four centuries of the Church many books, such as the seven letters of Ignatius, the Letter of Clement [the fourth pope] to the Corinthians, the Didache, and The Shepherd were revered by many Christians as inspired but were later shown to be non-inspired.

It was not until the Councils of Hippo and Carthage that the Catholic Church defined which books made it into the New Testament and which didn’t. …

The plain fact of the matter is that the canon of the Bible was not settled in the first years of the Church. It was settled only after repeated (and perhaps heated) discussions, and the final listing was determined by Catholic bishops. This is an inescapable fact…

Try this for info on why its fake:

Offered as a possible source, I don’t have the theological background to say. But it seems every bit as valid as your initial offered reference.

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