"The Gospel of John"

Have any of you watched it? I think it is a great movie. Seeing the relationship between Peter and Jesus on screen and not only scripture really helped me picture Jesus saying, “you are Peter, and on this rock… etc.”. I heard and read that there’s going to be a “The Gospel of Mark” movie coming out soon. I was hoping they would make a “Gospel of Matthew” to see Jesus telling Peter than he will build his Church on him. :slight_smile:

Watching this answered some of the questions I asked in these forums, like about Pagan Rome, old Jerusalem, etc. To make scripture into a movie really helps to understand the scripture.

We watched it last year in my Bible study class after we finished studying the Gospel of John. I think it’s great because the script follows the Bible word-for-word. I can’t wait for the next Gospel movie. Is it going to be Mark? For some reason I thought Matthew was next.

Is it on dvd? Im in Australia BTW

Amazon.com has it. amazon.com/Gospel-John-Christopher-Plummer/dp/B0001FT50A

Thanks mate. I think I have seen the cover before.

If you’re talking about the Visual Bible’s Gospel of John, I’ve seen it online in Google Video, Really, really nice film. My only qualm about it is they used the Today’s English Version.

They already made the Gospel of Matthew in 1997. Before that, they had the Acts of the Apostles in 1994. On those two films, they used the New International Version.

Just search the internet for ‘Visual Bible: Matthew’ or ‘Visual Bible: Acts’.

Would have been a better movie if they used the RSV or ESV or my favorite the old Jerusalem Bible, the GNT which I beleived they used was awful they must have used “so be it” 30 times, enough already! and from memory the John 6 passage was watered down because of this loose paraphrase not to mention the inclusive language and the inclusion of Mary Magdalene at the Last Super was kind of troubling from a catholic point of view for one thing she is never mentioned to be there in the Bible and it implies she was given the priestly gifts commemorated at the Last Supper and its connection with the Eucharist for catholics. WE have enough confusion with the Davinci Code did we really need that. Those were the lowpoints. The guy who played Jesus was charismatic and charming as was the guy who played Peter unfortuantly like many other protestant movies Mother Mary was a throwaway with not the signficant role she was given the Passion or or Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth.

I really enjoyed this Canadian made movie. At
that time I was just beginning to date a woman
from New York of Puerto Rican, Catholic
background and was unsure of her belief in
Christ and the church. We saw it together and
had dinner afterwards. I had to control myself
the whole time because I know John’s gospel so
well that I could almost always say the next line
in the movie. I’ve never known a script to well in
my life… :slight_smile:

Long story made short… At dinner, my new
friend, who had become very quiet after the movie,
said to me, “You don’t believe any of that stuff,
do you?” I said, “Rosa, with the gift of faith, I
believe every word of it.” She said she didn’t
believe any of these “made up stories.”

At the time we were both 60 years old. That movie
saved me from getting involved in a relationship
with a non-believer. I have no ill feelings toward
her, or any non-believer, but it is best to know
where people stand on the TRUTH. That movie
made it possible to find out very quickly.

Well made, with unknown actors and staying with the biblical account word for word made it a fine
movie, in my opinion. :thumbsup:

Cactus Jack

If you are talking about THE GOSPEL OF JOHN with Christopher Plummer as the Narrator, Yeah I own it and saw it recently. I thought it was good. Those of you who own it, Iisten carefully to Plummer right after John 3:16… John 3:17 sounds like he said, “For God did not send his Son into the world to build its Church, but to be its Savior.”

Yeah I know totally off and unbiblical…but Plummer sounds odd there, i guess how he pronounced “be its Judge”, sounded like “build its Church”…haha!

Check it out everyone, if it doesn’t sound like it…I’ll get my ears checked :smiley:

THE GNT translation which the movie used was the movies main fault, its truly awful in places. THe movies would have been way better if the RSV or ESV were used.

So, I rented this from Blockbuster based on this thread.
I did enjoy the setting/filming of the movie. It did help to visually see what the background surrounding the events would have looked like.

My teens and I were disappointed on two counts:

  1. no attempt to pick up accents of the region. Seeing jews in authentic dress in authentic backgrounds but hearing Jersey and British accents for the words was distracting. Then again, we were spoiled by Mel Gibson giving us Passion in Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin.

  2. Jesus came off almost arrogant. In reading John I envisioned a quieter tone in his voice in certain scenes than the director chose which, to us, had him coming off almost looney. Then again, I suppose that’s how the jews saw him at the time.

My additional comments are:

The monotone narration put me to sleep on 3 occasions (I watched the 3 hour version).

I wish they would have alternated “Amen” with “I tell you the truth”. I realize John repeats himself a lot in the book, but since the writers chose to use “I tell you the truth” for “Amen” they may as well have alternated it throughout the movie. There were times I thought I was watching the same chapter twice.

On the plus side:
It was cool that I could literally follow the script with my NAB.
The costumes and location sets were very good.
Make up was so-so.
Casting was so-so.

Thanks for referring the movie, though. :slight_smile:

That is because the script was "“Word for Word based on the Good News Bible translation of the American Bible Society”. livingthesolution.com/gospelofjohn-moviereview.htm. Had they used the Douay-Rheims, it would have been “Amen, Amen I say to you” each time. Or if they used the KJV, it would have been “Verily, verily I say unto you” each time. If the RSV had been used, it would have been “Truly, truly I say to you” repeated each time. The only way to avoid the repetition would be to make a script using multiple Bible translations.

I don’t know if people are speaking of several different movies, but the one I watched was the Visual Bible International film. I found this excellent. It was a high quality film professionally produced and it followed the Gospel word for word. I was surprised to find that even Jesus’ final discourse during the last supper was presented dramatically and in an interesting way, always though true to the text. I would recommend seeing this movle. If this is the one at Blockbuster it is worth renting.

That is the one. I did recommend it.

Loved it. They even left in the Catholic parts.

It is also available at Catholic Family Media.:thumbsup:

They had to leave in all parts, since it was the entire book of the Bible word-for-word.

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