The Gospel of Paul

Can someone tell me what they know about The Gospel of Paul, by Robert C. Campbell and Job?? Thank youuu

Found this at

Basically, this book was published in 1973 by Judson Press. It is out of print, but there are 8 offers of a used copy for sale. There are no customer reviews of this book.

It looks like Robert C. Campbell wrote many books, the first was apparently published in 1935. This book, “The Gospel of Paul” published in 1973, is among the last of his books.

Robert C Campbell was a pretty famous Baptist pastor and theologian (there’s an obituary of him over at Thus, you would expect his book “The Gospel of Paul” to be an explanation for Paul’s teachings, written for the benefit of his fellow Baptists.

Hope that helped a little

Specifically here

Just a note of interest: The obit says he was born in 1924. But on Amazon, if you go to the link I provided above and click on his name, it will list books authored by “Robert C. Campbell.” One of them was published in 1935. So unless this man authored a book by age 11, then there must be two Robert C. Campbell’s.

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