The Gospel was NOT read at Easter Vigil; did I still attend Mass?

At the Easter Vigil, the Gospel was not read. In place of the Gospel, the Deacon sang a version of Hallelujah which seemed to be telling the story of the Passion of Christ. It was not the Easter Vigil Gospel. I know for instance that if the Priest forgets the consecration ( as one of our priests with dimensia has done several times) then I have technically attended Mass. Does the same apply if the Gospel, or for that matter any of the prescribed readings for that day, are not read at the Mass.


Masses are not valid or invalid; only the consecration can be valid or invalid. It sounds like the consecration was valid and the rest of the Mass was observed, except for the Gospel. Certainly, the Gospel should have been proclaimed. Is it not your fault that it was not. You did fulfill your Mass obligation.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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