The Great Adventure series by Jeff Cavins

I got to see 3 of the reat Adevnture series on EWTN by Jeff Cavins. I think it was temporary air time to fill in where Fr. Corapi was. It is no longer on. I LOVED it. I checked out the prcies and WOW:eek: it was pricey. Can you rent these anywhere? I have been checking Ebay and Craigs list, etc and no luck.


I don’t know about renting them but you can get a set from the publisher

If the DVDs are too expensive, they sell CD versions of most of their studies. You can also find nearby bible study groups that are using GA studies.

EWTN runs the Great Adventure Bible Study from time to time. You might check their program guide too.

We have done several GA bible studies at our parish. They are great. :thumbsup:

I think it is pricey because it is meant to be purchased by parishes who then have facilitators present the classes. There are several parishes in my area who have started the Jeff Cavins Bible Studies complete with workbooks, homework, and a DVD of Jeff Cavins.

I have been to two of the studies so far - there was a 20 or 24? week Bible Timeline series that I went to. They met once a week for two hours. We shared the answers to the questions in the workbook based on the Scriptures we were asked to read for that particular lesson. Then we watched the DVD with Jeff Cavins going into more depth about the lesson.

I got so much out of this study that I signed up for another one - a ten week study on the book of James. This fall I intend to sign up for the 24 week course on Church history.

I live in the south, and called a friend of mine up north to tell her about it, only to find out that they have it in their parish also! The one on James has also attracted some non-Catholics and even a Jewish person.

My parish doesn’t have this study, but if some laymen were to offer to be facilitators I’m sure it would be easy to start!

You can listen to Our Father’s Plan with Jeff Cavins and Scott Hahn for free! It’s pretty much all the same information, but not quite as polished, I’d say.

Scot Hahn has some great free online Bible studies, too.

As Dorothy said, the primary target for these Bible studies are parish groups, not individuals. More goes into the production of a series like this than simply showing up with a camera and pressing record. They send out speakers to different areas to train facilitators, etc. So they can seem a bit pricey.

I always recommend that people go through their parish. First, because it saves them from having to shell out several hundred dollars of their own money. But also, it gives the entire parish the opportunity to benefit from this phenomenal resource.

You might also check with your diocesan catechetical office. Some diocesan offices have an A/V library on hand and they will rent out videos to the parishes and Catholic schools in the diocese. That may help cut the cost even further.

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