The Great Atheist Challenge!


I thought I would try something a little different in this thread. I propose a creative challenge to the atheists and agnostics that visit these fora:
Create your own religion!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start from a few axioms (that I will mention below), and come up with a religion that fits those axioms. This religion will have to account for several observations that I will also list below. Here are the axioms:
*]There is a monotheistic God, that I will call “God”.
*]God is without cause.
*]Humans are the crown of God’s creation; they owe everything to Him but He loves them absolutely.
And here are the observations that need to be accounted for:
*]There is evil in this world.
*]Many people believe many different things about this God, but there are specific (and sometimes large) groups of people that believe in many similar qualities.
*]God has not appeared to every single person in the world to give them absolute proof of His existence.
I really have no idea as to whether or not this thread will take off. I’m also not too bothered as to the scope of the answers I receive. I just thought it might be a bit of intellectual fun!


Valkism believes that there is one God and that we are His greates work. It is a basic belief that while the entire world knows this in their hearts, many have not consciously chosen to accept this fact.

There are physical barriers that prevent us from becoming one with God. In other words, Valkism acknowledges that a life of misery does not generally open one’s heart to the truth of God.

Therefore, Valkism believes that evil must be fought with specific acts. We express our thanks to God for creating humans by being kind to humans. This is done by:

  1. Making sure everyone in the world has plenty of clean water.
  2. Making sure everyone in the world has something to eat.
  3. Making sure everyone in the world has clean sheets and a comfortable bed; and
  4. Making sure everyone in the world has someone to love.

When these four commandments are fullfilled, Valkism teaches that God will reveal himself by shifting the way we view the world and experience reality.


Nah, religions evolve through a process analagous to Darwinian evolution.

Having one person design a religion that is as persuasive (not necessarily true) is practically improbably. But Scientology is probably the most successful religion that has been started by one man for the purpose of starting a religion. Buddhism was not intended to be a religion (I don’t necessarily consider it a “faith”), but rather the teachings and mediations of one man.

In biochemistry, almost every enzyme found in nature has been optimized by Darwinian evolution. Of course, Darwinian evolution does not have a purpose. But my point is that these catalysts are usually superior at catalyzing a reaction than most synthetic catalytic schemes. This could be comparable to the development of religion.


I have my doubts. What reason do you have for this?


So you’re not interested in taking up my challenge then? This isn’t supposed to be an atheist versus Catholic debate. Rather, this is supposed to be a bit of fun!

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