The "Great Betrayal"


I am a Catholic who has been introduced to the truth of apostolic Christianity by the Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy through his website at
Despite being exposed to 1700 years of hypocrisy and subterfuge, there are still those in the Church who are able to reveal to the rest of us the truth of pre-Constantinian Christianity and expose the “great betrayal” of 313 AD…I thank God and Our Lord Jesus Christ for their efforts…
With the PEACE of christ,
Jan J. Wnek


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“Church history refuted

It was with dismay that I read Michael Gartland’s account of Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy’s stop-by interview at The Post Courier during a recent visit to Charleston. From all that I hear of Father McCarthy, he is an upright and good man. Unfortunately, he is mistaken about church history and teaching. I cite two examples from the interview with Michael Gartland.

  1. It is popular today to repeat the myth that the church was co-opted by the emperor with the conversion of Constantine. I write to you on the Feast of Saint Athanasius, that defender of Orthodox faith against the Arians who refused Constantine’s order to readmit Arius to communion and was exiled for his refusal.

In the struggle against the Arian heresy, churchmen were steadfast in their struggle against the leaders of the empire and their army. As shown in H.W. Crocker’s Tnumph, it was the church that stood as a check on the absolute power of princes until the sixteenth century.

  1. Among other world evils, Father McCarthy attributes the Holocaust to Christians. Pope Pius XI saw that the Nazis were not Christians and condemned their neopagan philosophy in the only papal encyclical ever written in German, Mit brennender Sorge, in 1937. Had the world followed Father McCarthy’s pacifism, the Holocaust might still be going on.

As a priest, I am accustomed to explaining the Catholic faith to those who are not Catholic. I regret having to defend the church against one of her own priests.”

The Rev. Lawrence Mcinerny


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