The Great Controversy

Hi Again,

I am reading the Great Controversy by E W White.

Glenn Beck’s show recommended this book so I gave it a try. When I started it the first time I found out that the author thinks that the Catholic Church is Babylon that is mentioned in Revelations. When I found out that all this author was doing was bashing the Catholic Church I stopped reading.

I emailed GB and asked him if he actually read the book before he accepted them as a sponsor because I had hoped that he would not recommend a book that bashed any religion. I asked him if he would think the book was so good if it bashed Mormonism.

As expected I didn’t get an answer and he is still pushing the book.

Anyway I mentioned this to a friend and she suggested that I do read the book to know what I am talking about. Well----the author is bashing the papacy and the Catholic church and how the CC is Satanic and on and on

I will finish the book just in case I hear from Glenn:D:D:D Yeah right!!!

Just my thought—So I don’t think this book is so great and I wouldn’t recommend every one read it–I would steer clear of it. Actually, if you are against the CC you might like it.

It might be a good idea to “steer clear” of Glenn Beck.

Anything related with Ellen G. White, and the seventh day Adventist church we as Catholics must stay clear. They have so much hatred towards us.

The amount of vitriol those people have against the Church is… frankly, frightening. It’s amazing how full of hatred you become when you abandon the Truth… I would steer clear of it entirely.

As a former Seventh day Adventist, I would recommend not reading it.

I second this.

Glad you left the SDA church. I know people there are good people, they just have some real bad ideas and lead their people to heresy and blasphemy which can lead to destruction of souls.

And interestingly, Glenn Beck left the Roman Catholic Church to join the LDS Church which fits your description of the SDA Church too.

Unfortunately people leave the Church and think that they found the “light”. The light is always on here at the Catholic Church. I know other Christian denominations have love for God. I have no doubt about it, but when you go belief by belief, 1 by 1, the Catholic Church is the only one who speaks the truth and has done so for 2000 yrs.

I third this. Mr Beck is so radical that he was kicked off Fox News, that is saying a lot! Besides he is a Mormon, they hate the church as the Adventists and as the Adventists also teach the church is ‘totally apostate’.

Why would we even listen to this dude?

From Wikipedia:

Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

(Mormon);[7][8][9][10] born Roman Catholic[11[]](“”)He’s just another messed up guy who fell away and now pushes an a-C agenda.

That book you are reading is a wreck. I got hold of a copy and got though the first 5 or 6 chapters before trashing it because I’d filled the margins with notes on inaccuracies and outright lies that I found.

E.G White was a false prophet in the SDA; a bunch who have several times predicted the day and time of Christ’s return and (obviously) been wrong, in direct contravention to the clear teaching of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

Dump it and get a copy of

        **[size=4][Beginning Apologetics Volume 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith]("")**

             Special Price:                                      $4.95                [/size]

As am I and I agree with you. My beloved SDA sister is seriously anti-Catholic and it has put a strain on our relationship, which hurts my heart.

OK OK I’ll dump the book:)

I do have a copy of the recommend Beginning Apologetics. Actually I have the entire series.

Thanks for the feed back.

:smiley: That’s great! Didn’t mean to come on so strong as I did.:blush:

Another interesting thing you can see is the number of different titles this work has been published under in order to draw people in to reading its propaganda.

Look here at Amazon’s listings.

You didn’t. I am just glad that I got the book for free on my Kindle. I was also disappointed that Beck accepted them as a sponsor. But I guess money is money no matter where it comes from.

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