The Great Inner Torment of St. Francis de Sales

Do you think that the great saints of the Church never had internal struggles? You may be surprised to learn that St. Francis de Sales, bishop, zealous preacher, doctor of the Church, and co-founder of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary, was gripped by a certain horrible mental certainty. What was this torment, how did he recover from it, and how did his recovery mark his counsel and life forever?

Learn by hearing the free MP3 talk, #1, of Visitation Sister Sr. Joan Bernadette, at Visitation Spirit MP3.

Interesting address by Sr. Joan Bernadette briefly comparitively on St. Francis de Sales and moreso the history of the Visitation Order and the Devotion to The Sacred Heart in France.
I think probably most all are aware that many of our saints did go through passages of internal suffering. That of St. Francis de Sales lasted 6 weeks and consisted of a conviction that he was Hell destined - the passing of this internal suffering opened up his heart to compassion and understanding towards all with an all embracing concept of the Mercy of The Heart of Jesus. This is often the result of suffering especially internal suffering i.e. all embracing compassion and understanding and a very big concept of God’s Loving Mercy.

Interestingly, I have noticed that when we go through some suffering, we tend to forget that saints also have suffered and that our sufferings too can be the making of saints. Its all about attitude and perspective.

Thank you for sharing.

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