The great majority of God's creatures have no idea He even exists


The great majority of God’s creatures have no idea He even exists and I find that fact disturbing. There are millions of complex living species that have some type of social order, feel motivated to care for their off springs, and even show sympathy if not empathy for their ill or hurt fellow members. Elephants and wolves for instance. If God’s creation was in any way designed to exhibit His greatness, the fact that most of His creatures do not even recognize Him to me tends to point to the uselessness of their creation. They take up space, consume the environment for a while, then die and cease to exist. No Heaven, no Hell. At no time do they ever even think of Him. And they certainly could not appreciate His greatness. To my pet Doberman and the ants in my yard, for all practical purposes, God does not exist.


how on earth can you tell if an animal knows his creator exists or not


I’m told in my Catholic education only humans and angels are sentient, aware of their own existence, and able to contemplate the existence of a possible creator.


And who told you that exactly. That animals are not aware they exist


We learn more and more about the world around us, scientific knowledge is exploding. Did you know that corn plants emit a sort of electronic signals to other corn plants? It may be a means of communication. Fascinating stuff.

The Church has made no proclamation with regard to the number of sentient beings in the universe. She has not declared ex cathedra what sort of souls exist in animals and plants.

Scripture tells us that all of the earth, all of creation worships God.

God has worked through animals, the Ravens that fed the prophet in the wilderness, the talking mule, Jesus told us that if we did not praise him the rocks would cry out.


No, they don’t just ‘take up space.’ They are meant to serve and nourish man. What’s the problem here? :thinking:


Look at the donkey colt that carried Jesus into Jerusalem. Did the equine know he was carrying his Creator, The fact Jesus rode an unbroken donkey , that calmly carried him through crowds of people yelling out Hosanna and throwing down palm leaves , tells me, that donkey colt knew something!


There was also the donkey that carried Balaam. The angel was waiting to kill him and the, by refusing to cross in the path of the angel of death saved his master’s life.


I think it is a fair question ans concern. While they may not be able to comprehend God in the same way we can, they do have the ability to enjoy life and therefor implicitly enjoy God.


hmm. I’m pretty sure that my phone nor my laptop, nor my stapler have any idea that I exist. Even if I spend a great deal of time using my talent to whittle a sculpture out of wood, or sew a quilt, or build a home, or cook a dinner they won’t know who I am or why I did it.

Are they useless? I don’t want to compare myself to God in any way - but I don’t “create” things so that they appreciate that they are made. Does God need to be appreciated by these forms of life? If so, I am sure that he could have created in such a way that they have shown that appreciation. My guess is that they were not created, so that they will understand or appreciate their creator.

And if they were to show such appreciation, would they then need to have free will so that they could choose to not appreciate their creator?


I mean, mosquitos are a big pest and they do take up space.


Catfish eat mosquitoes. We eat catfish. Problem solved!


It can work both ways, however…


Now I’m craving catfish, specially seasoned with cayenne pepper.


Now you’ve got me on it too! Only one of us is currently near the coast, however… :wink:


Donkeys are so cute

Hmm I am looking at setting up an Aquarium. Catfish are popular Aquarium fish…might need a bigger tank…


Ya sure?


Here’s an anecdotal story. Might be true…


I don’t know just what animals think, or don’t think about God, but I’m certain that many are more perceptive and intelligent than we give them credit for. At the very least, animals serve and appreciate God by doing the things He made them to do, doing their part in creation.

I wonder if the angels think something similar about us. God is infinite, but their comprehension of His true nature must be so much greater than our own.


I’m sure that animals are aware of God. I am also sure that they are aware of why they are created, since they are animals, and that they know their purpose for nature, for domestication, etc…

Some animals feed us, some sustain us with love.


thats awesome. Police dogs are very intelligent. I have one dog who absolutely loves my statue of Mary. She sits and stares.

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