The Great Sacrilege by Fr. James F. Wathen, OSJ

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This afternoon, I went to a used bookshop. I saw this book; The Great Sacrilege by Fr. F. Wathen, O.S.J. It’s published by Tan Books & Publishers. I was quite surprised when I read the synopsis at the back cover.

This book proves…

  • The “New Mass” does not involve Papal Infallibility
  • The Apostolic Constitution Missale Romanum of Pope Paul VI is null and void
  • The Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum od Pope Pius V is still in effect
  • The “Tridentine Mass” is the only Mass of the Latin Rite
  • The “New Mass” is new
  • The “New Mass” is illegal
  • The “New Mass” is immoral
  • The “New Mass” is not Catholic
  • The “New Mass” - if we believe inthe Council of Trent and official documents of the Church - is no Mass at all
  • The “New Mass” is THE GREAT SACRILEGE

I bought the book because of the price (SGD $2) and also curiousity. I’m interested in Liturgy so I think it’s good to know why he wrote the book.

I searched in Google and couldn’t really understand some of the web sites about the author (too many words!). But it seems he’s a bad guy. He calls JPII as heretic, bad Pope, and such.

Does anyone know about this book?

Btw, the copyright is in 1971

How could he do this if the copyright was in 1971? :confused:

The book doesn’t sound tooooooo bad. It might have its merits, but it seems like this guy’s tone and exaggerations warrant disregarding it in favor of better scholarship.

Oh… it’s not in the book, its on a website.
The book strictly speaking about Tridentine Mass and NO Mass.
and how different the two are.

This sounds to me like it is the SSPX talking. They call themselves the “True” Catholics. They are not part our Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVI. So ignore that book. I suggest you burn it right now. :wink: heehee…

I just today received in the mail a flyer for this book from the James F. Wathen Traditional Catholic Foundation. I also had never heard of this priest or this book. The blurb on it says the book will provide “Father’s insights into the crisis in the Church and the evil which is at the heart of the New Mass…” Sounded pretty suspect to me also, so I’ve also been trying to do some research on the Web.

Someone banned is trying to logon/register with Father Wathen spelled backwards or… CATHOLTRADRULES, DAMNED VATICAN2, NEHTAW REHTAF … they’ve been on my profile page… which is kinda creepy…

Is this a new assault on CAF, or recycled old stuff, or no big deal…

Are you advocating the burning of all SSPX books, or just this one, because it MIGHT be one?

“This sounds to me like it is the SSPX talking.”

But the SSPX wasn’t in business in 1971. Also, do you have any links to any SSPX websites where this 1971 book is discussed or promoted or anything?

Do you have any SSPX priest commenting either pro or con regarding the author?

Have you found that the author was in any way associated with the SSPX?

What’s odd is the spelling of the name backwards. Do Catholics ever do that?
Why would they look at your profile page???

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