The great thing about being a catholic Is .?


The great thing about being a catholic is!

Talking about the blessed mother

Praying to saints
The real presence
Confessing your sins
Knowing what a mortal is!!


That you know you are in a true Church that Jesus founded. If I am going to be a Christian, I might as well be in the correct Church and that I know I am.


The great thing about Catholicism is that it gives the big picture. Catholicism shows that all doctrines are important and somehow interconnected.


I’m led to be Catholic simply because otherwise there are only fragments. I find reason to believe in a God, and specifically in Christ, but without the completeness of His Church, nothing seems to fit together. Basically what Brittany said above.

There are lots of great things about Catholicism. It’s beautiful, it’s fully ordered toward God; the best thing though about being Catholic is knowing that it’s where God wants us to be, that it’s the truth. All the other great things in the OP sort of come along with and fit into that.


Being counter cultural
Having a higher mission
Purpose in life
Being disciplined
Marriage is till death do us part
Being intellectual because you are eager to know more about God and the world
Being in a Church Jesus founded


Being able to go to confession
Knowing that I am one of a cloud of witnesses (the Communion of Saints)
Belonging to a church that has given the world so much great art, music and literature
Belonging to a church that has given the world so many advances in science
Belonging to a church that has given the worlds so many great saints
and a lot more


We don’t pray to Mary, she prays with us.


That everything makes perfect sense.
That it’s the Church Christ Himself founded.
That it continually offers us the keys,
Others leave out:
the example and prayers of the Saints
the Eucharist
the Guardian angels
the proper interpretation of Scripture
the genuine miracles
the openness without strings to new members
the vast charitable opportunities within the faith
the highly educated clergy
A Pope to lead and guide us, a person here, chosen by the Holy Spirit
Sacramental grace
2000 years of beautiful scholarship
a worldwide network of churches in which to worship
A liturgy that remains universal, so that no matter where I go, I know what is going to transpire and that the person speaking IS speaking for the One true Church
A place where everyone has a talent they can use for the glory of God. EVERYONE. Not just money in a basket.


The Eucharist!


This may be a little picky, but Catholics don’t pray TO saints, we ask the saints to pray for us.

  1. When someone asks who started my religion, I answer, JESUS, … the look on their face is pricless, lol.
  2. Communion
  3. Knowing God as loving and merciful instead of judgmental and angry.


Knowing that I am in the Church God wants me to be in and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.


The Catholic Church is the One True Church established by Jesus Himself. We receive Our Lord and Savior at each and every Holy Communion. In every Catholic Church each and every day Our Lord Himself is in the Tabernacle. We have the Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium. We have Priests who act in the person of Christ during the Mass and the Sacraments, we have the 7 Sacraments, we have the Holy Saints, Our Blessed Mother. The Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and MANY MANY MANY other wonderful blessings from God in our Catholic Church/Faith.


Loving, knowing, and serving the One True God!
Having the fullness of truth and understanding about doctrine
The Eucharist
The Sacraments
Eucharistic Adoration
Sacred Scripture
Tradition that has been handed down from the apostles
The example of the lives of the saints (especially the Blessed Mother!)
The Rosary
The sacred music
The fact that the Church goes back through the ages and connects us to people throughout history
I feel like I can always have a Catholic perspective on things
The hope of attaining Heaven :heart:


Any church can believe what the Catholic Church believes, but none other can be the one true Church. The greatest thing about being Catholic is that you’re in the Church that Jesus wants you to be in.




All of the above and the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ


The first class literature !
So many interesting, historic, stories.


All of the Above from the source of All of Love
Thanks be to God
Thy Kingdom come,…,…
You know and believe His Church

  1. List item


Beauty and fullness of the Faith and the blessed Sacrament :heart:

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