The greatest miracle

Lives Will Change When You Experience “THE GREATEST MIRACLE” in Theaters December 9th, 2011

The Greatest MiraclE, an inspiring new 3D animated Film coming from the talented Bruce Morris (The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Hercules, Finding Nemo, The Princess and the Frog) and composer Mark McKenzie (Spiderman, Ice Age:The Meltdown) depicts the struggles of life and the hope that exists for every single one of us, as angels and demons fight for the soul of man.

Created by Dos Corazones Films, the film explores the lives of three different people who are experiencing extreme lows in their lives. Monica, a widowed mother, struggles to sustain her home with her son Diego, Don Chema, a public transport driver, deals with his child’s incurable illness, and Doña Cata, an elderly woman seeks peace. The three lives’ intersect when they each attend Church one day and meet their guardian angels. It is only then that they become open to the beauty and blessings of their respective lives.

The Greatest Miracle is a new faith-based film that depicts the spiritual world alive and at work in our daily lives. This film serves as a beautiful message of faith and hope for Catholics and Christians alike. Pablo Barroso, the film’s producer says, “You will not be able to attend Mass the same as before after having seen this film.” It is a great film for the whole family with a strong message for mankind.

The success of this movie is only possible with your support and is greatly appreciated. Don’t miss The Greatest Miracle. Please check your local theater listings for showtimes here.


Hello people,

Got a message from a moderator about this thread being a possible spam due to certain reasons. I sincerely apologize for bursting into these site to seek support for a Catholic faith based film, The Greatest Miracle, with no explanation about myself.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been working as an Online Specialist and Researcher for the film, The Greatest Miracle. On the job, I discovered these forum and felt it would be a great medium to seek support of the film considering it represents our target audience. The Greatest Miracle is basically about three people in their breaking point, who with the help of their Guardian angels experience the true meaning of Mass. Though not limited, we hope that a lot of Catholics get to see these film with a clear message of hope, inspiration and faith.

Have gotten endorsements from various Religious leaders, reviews from Catholic websites such as National Catholic Register, Catholic Mom, The Practicing Catholic and Catholic Fire, support from numerous Catholic churches and groups, I advice you see the trailer so you may understand why the film itself has received such support thus far.

Thank you as you view the trailer, and in case you are willing to support this film via your groups, please send me a DM and I will be pleased to respond to it.

My family and I just saw this movie this afternoon in 3D. It was beautiful, awesome, my 6 year old loved it! I cannot recommended it enough, as an Hispanic I am very proud of what they accomplished in this production. Let get some more Catholic children to see this movie; there are some scenes with demons, but not anything more scary than what most kids have seen already.

For what it is worth it gets two thumbs up!:thumbsup::thumbsup: Nice to see a no pulling back faith movie in the theater; very orthodox in delivery.

God bless this endeavor and hopefully we can fill the coffers of this production for a change rather than those of the Hollywood usual’s for a change.

God Bless

Considering all the family films now in theaters - clean, decent family films - that are playing to empty theaters - quality films like “Hugo,” “The Muppets,” and “Arthur’s Christmas” - I hope you’ll understand my skepticism that “The Greatest Miracle” will be any different. Catholic families simply aren’t going to family movies…! Just a month or two ago, you had a G-rated movie “The Mighty Macs,” wonderfully uplifting movie like “Sister Act” but with basketball, and someone on CAF found fault with it. So, no, I don’t think your message is spam, but I do think it’s a ‘no-go’ non-starter whose last message - which kills the thread - is this message. I hope you find an audience from Redbox or Netflix, because you won’t find 'em in the theaters. Good luck.

miraclemovie (OP): Why didn’t you screen this for the critics? Were any screeners sent to any media? I had no idea it was playing in my neighborhood until I went to your web site. Letting the local newspaper know your movie’s showing is an essential part of any film’s “success.” If nobody even knows it’s showing, they can’t make plans to go see it. :shrug:

Because its a poorly done 3-d, tired dialogue, and appeals to a tiny auidence. The critics would (justifiably) rip it to shreads…even if the message is good.

lets compare it to another Catholics only movie in the past 10 years. One that did get limited but good reviews. It was low budget but stellar quality. Atleast the St Terese movie had excellent cinamatography and excellent dialogue and blocking.

Upon recommending this movie I have been surprised by people complaining about it’s not Pixar grade, because it is dubbed it is like a Kung Fu movie, and that it is not Avant Garde enough to please movie critics. It an effort by Catholics to do present something good to our children and hopefully we can get them and others like Lumen to make someday something that at least can come close to Pixar level.

God Bless

Thank you very much for the support Maximus, it is overly appreciated. We are glad to know you saw these film with your family and that your six years old child loved it.

Many thanks once again.

In as much as the criticism is accepted, its because of such support that Dos Corazones will continue to make faith based films.

The essence of The Greatest Miracle is to emphasise on the unknown power which the Mass has and that faith is essential in order to conquer whatever obstacles we are faced with in life. Your understanding these, against all odds, gives us a feeling of contempt.

Thank you very much for these message and GOD bless you and thy household eternally.

You are welcome, are you involved with the the Dos Corazones production. We saw yesterday the movie Guadalupe (which we own) done by them which is pretty cool. We love the sequences showing Juan Diego.

God Bless

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