The Greatest Story Ever Told

Before I watch this movie, what does the Catholic church think of it?

Here is a link to the The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting Film Classifications. Unfortunately, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” hasn’t yet been reviewed by them–its under their category of “coming soon.”

From what I remember about it (it’s been years since I saw it), the film had nothing contrary to faith and morals as taught by the Church. It’s a rather straight forward telling of Christ’s life, but it isn’t all that inspiring–at least it wasn’t for me.

watching it now, or rather recording it, if you mean the version with Max von Sydow as Jesus, it is fine, just not the best dramatization out there, it could be criticized on artistic terms, but there is nothing wrong with the content, if you accept that a dramatization, of necessity, will not be word for word with the gospels. This was a remake of several earlier films of the same name including at least one silent, and a book by a non-
Catholic author of the same name, a fictionalized re-telling of the life of Jesus.


Try this link instead, The Greatest Story Ever Told:

Greatest Story Ever Told, The – While not the greatest movie ever made, director George Stevens’ vision of the Gospel story presents a consistent, traditional view of Christ as the God Incarnate. The movie, despite its epic Hollywood scale, is well-acted, tastefully and realistically written, beautifully photographed and Max von Sydow’s believable portrayal of the Christ is the most essential element in its success. (A-I) (G) ( 1965 )


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