The Greeting of the People at Mass

Is a priest ever allowed to use the greeting, “Peace be with you,” during the Introductory Rites? My understanding is that this greeting is reserved for use by bishops.

Yes, you are right with respect to the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.

Your understanding is right. This greeting is only an episcopal greeting, and should not be used by priests at mass. Another example of a priest who needs to learn to say the red and do the black. The mass is not his, and should not be subject to his whim.

Thanks guys, that confirms what I already thought to be true. Our pastor greeted the congregation in this manner again this morning (this is the second time I’ve heard him do so).

Any thoughts/recommendations on my next course of action?

Shouldn’t you congratulate him on his promotion? :smiley:

Only what Jesus taught, Matt 22:37-40

HA! :rotfl:

Maybe he knows something you don’t!

Seriously though, I’d ask him about it, and see what he says. If no (positive) outcome, I’d write the bishop in a short letter explaining what is happening.

Hope this helps!


When a celebrant does something like this, I’m always curious to know whether he does so through ignorance, forgetfulness, or vanity.

Whether it’s a question of a priest saying “peace be with you” or of a bishop genuflecting with crozier in hand, I find it vexing when celebrants defy the texts and/or rubrics, whether through ignorance or conceit or lack of common sense. I don’t lose sleep over it…but I do roll my eyes.

I roll my eyes alot. :rolleyes:

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