The Grim Eater

Funeral homes in Wellington, New Zealand, have been hit by an unusual thief, dubbed the "Grim Eater" for reasons that will soon become obvious. From The Dominion Post:

A fake mourner who repeatedly gatecrashed Wellington funerals was so keen on the food that he brought along tupperware containers to fill up and take home.

The "grim eater" attended up to four funerals a week during March and April before he was stopped.

Harbour City Funeral Home director Danny Langstraat said the company eventually grew concerned enough to take a photograph of the man and distribute it to its branches. "He was showing up to funeral after funeral, and without a doubt he didn’t know the deceased."

The man, thought to be aged in his 40s, went to different churches and venues around the eastern suburbs, including Miramar, Rongotai and Kilbirnie. "We saw him three or four times in a week. And certainly he had a backpack with some tupperware containers so when people weren’t looking, he was stocking up."

The man was "always very quiet and polite, and did as the rest of the mourners did in paying his respects".

Poor thing - he was probably just broke and starving and reasoned something along the lines of 'well, the food is only excess that is going to go to waste anyways...'

Of course the sensible thing to do, instead of gatecrashing the service, would be to go to the back door of the kitchen at the end and ask if he could have the leftovers.

And target somewhere a bit more appropriate - function centres or catering companies or restaurants, not funeral parlours :eek:


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