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I just need to say something on here instead of addressing particular people on particular threads.

You need to go to the gym or figure out some other kind of exercise. Of course, this excludes those who are not physically able to do so for various reasons.

Look, once we’re beyond our teen years, we’ll naturally go to seed and become unattractive, overweight and frumpy if we don’t do something about it. It’s going to cause problems in our relationship with our spouses, we’ll feel bad about ourselves and our better halves deserve better than that when they see us naked. Exercise causes your metabolism will speed up, you’ll actually feel better on a day to day basis (brain chems caused by exercise) and you’ll like yourself more.

Everyone says, “oh! I don’t have time!”. It’s just not an option people. So many people see staying in shape as some kind of luxury. All it takes, no joke, is 45 minutes three times a week. You need to make time for it just like you need time for prayer. Honestly, are you going to tell me that you don’t watch 45 minutes of television, three times a week or engage in some other kind of ‘down time’?

Is it okay to simply stop praying? No! Why? Because we see it as a necessity. Working out and keeping our bodies in order is a necessity just like eating and praying. Remember we’re not disembodied spirits in a shell, but that shell is part of who we are and hence we say “I believe… in the resurrection of the body”

I would guess that many marital problems would disappear if both made working out and keeping in shape a part of their lives. Stop being lazy. No pain no gain.


Are you calling me FAT? :o
(pregnant would be nicer! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: )

WHEW! (wiping off the sweat)… I just got back from the gym actually!

Good points… I agree!


Hello! I like your insight. Exercise should be a part of everyone’s life…as our bodies are a temple of our Lord. (I have gone through spurts of long periods of exercise, and then nothing–I need to be more consisent all the time, but I’m getting there!)

I think you are right, but what type of marital problems are you referring to? Lack of interest in sex? Men/Women cheating? There are a lot of threads…want to make sure I get your meaning there. Thanks!


no it is not natural to go to seed just because we get older, plenty of people stay in fine shape all their lives

two, if your spouse loves you, as he or she vowed to do, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, he or she will love you whether you put on some pounds after childbirth, or when you lose a lot of weight fighting cancer, when your hair falls out through male pattern baldness or because of radiation therapy, when your legs get flabby, or if you lose one in an accident.

3, If your self image depends solely or mainly on your personal appearance, you will have marital problems precisely because of your low self image, and that is where you need to direct your efforts.

4, there are all kinds of ways to get beneficial exercise besides paying money to go to the gym, be creative.


Hi Annie, I think you misread what I posted.

I said, “IF we do not do something about it”… I.e., we can stay in shape if we make an effort.

two, if your spouse loves you, as he or she vowed to do, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, he or she will love you…

Yes, they will love you. However, eros is not the same as “love”. Eros, or erotic love, is conditional. You may still love (want what is good for) your wife who is 60 lbs overweight, but erotic attraction is a biological system and cannot be willed any more than that cancer can be willed away.

If your self image depends solely or mainly on your personal appearance, you will have marital problems precisely because of your low self image, and that is where you need to direct your efforts.

Your self image does have a lot to do with how you look. Sorry. The better you look, the more erotic you’ll feel. Sure, one can tell oneself they look pretty on the inside but that won’t make that person’s spouse want to jump on them when they walk out of the shower.

there are all kinds of ways to get beneficial exercise besides paying money to go to the gym, be creative.

“…or some other form of exercise”

  • Lifting Iron for fun - Awesome(This is my favorite)
  • Taking care of our bodies as God’s Temple - Excellent
  • Putting you best foot forward for your spouse - Superlative
  • Doing God’s will - Priceless:cool:


I know what you are saying here…but erotic love is fleeting. If a love is conditional, it will always be fleeting. I think that what might be better stated…is that having a physical attraction towards one another in a marriage keeps things alive and fun. That I would agree with, but how do we explain Hollywood then? Those people have top notch bods, spend hours at the gym…yet are cheating on each other wow…left and right.

If one wants to keep his/her marriage alive…it takes class. It takes commitment…it takes love. None of which are conditional.

Staying physically fit *should have everything *to do with wanting to please God, as much as praying does. God wants us to take care of our bodies…and thus, the fruits of that work, should be that one’s spouse will be attracted to him/her. (and could be a motivator, but shouldn’t be what holds a marriage together)

Simply put…stay in shape for the right reasons, and all else will fall into place. :slight_smile:


Yeah you said it better than I did whatevergirl, perhaps what I said came off as kind of superficial. I guess what I meant to say is the erotic as part of marriage requires sexual attraction, and sexual attraction is conditional.

I never meant to say that that’s all there is, because as you rightly pointed out, look at all these celebs who keep cheating on each other, even when they both are physically perfect.

What I definately am against is the attitude where one thinks that because one’s spouse promised to love unconditionally, that the spouse should take it upon him or herself to work up some kind of erotic attraction.

Seriously I see so many people every day and just think, man, if you would just spend a few minutes each week in the gym you wouldn’t have to go through life like that.

And don’t even get me started on junk food!


And when we get all wrinkly in our upper decades, I guess it’s our duty to line up for face lifts :rolleyes:

I agree with Puzzleannie!


I could use your help with junk food…snacks, mainly…I wish I didn’t like them.:smiley:

My husband…it is beer. So there’s our weaknesses.:blush: But…if I work out, and keep the snacks down…I can stay in shape. It’s when I have stopped working out, that makes eating right harder. When I work out–I don’t want to ruin my hard work!

I would also add to your thoughts that it isn’t a good idea, for couples to take one another for granted…that if I don’t take care of myself anymore, he/she will still love me, it doesn’t matter. Yes, we will always love one another as God has called us to love…but, we also shouldn’t take one another for granted. It’s important to at least try. It’s in the striving…that’s my new mantra for 2008, I think.:smiley:


Oh don’t be absurd, when you get older, it’s part of the aging process. If you’re both 60, then look good for 60. Same with 80.


Please, tell me where I have an extra 45 minutes every day.

I get up 5:30/5:45 AM so I can leave the house before 6:45.

Drive 1 hour (minimum, if there is no traffic snarl).

Work - because of the nature of things, I am tied to this desk until at least 6 PM each night. I have time to leave the office for lunch maybe 2 X per year.

Leave 6- 8 PM, depending on what is going on. Drive 1 + (traffic is usually clear by that late) home. I live way out, so, I’m 20 minutes from the nearest Gym/Y.

To be optimistic, let’s say I leave work at 5 PM. Because of traffice, I’d get home at 6:30.

Change clothes - 15 minutes. - 6:45

Drive to gym - 20 minutes - 7:05

Work out 45 minutes - 7:50

Shower and change again - 15 minutes - 8:05

Drive back home - 20 minutes.

Okay, now it is 8:30.

In order to get 8 hours of sleep, I need to be in bed by 9.

I have one half hour to have supper, spend time with DH and DS, check evening email (I work across many time zones and have to check in during the evening).

Not everyone has an extra 45 minutes 3X per week.


First of all, bring a gym bag to work with your workout clothes. Do not stop at home.

Go to bed 15 minutes later… again, three times a week. Also, there is saturday, so you can go to the gym in the morning once a week, so really, you only need to get 15 minutes less sleep twice a week. It won’t kill you.

Problem solved!


You do not understand the geography. There is no gym between where I work and where I live, I have to drive 20 minutes on PAST my home to get to ANY gym or workout facility, or go 20 minutes in the other direction. That extra drive time ain’t goin away.

Maybe I can buy a helicopter to get to work :slight_smile:

My point being, it is all well and good to say “it only takes 45 minutes 3Xs per week” - but, for some of us who do not live in a big suburban area where everything is accessable.


You all keep thinking what you want, but if after I have found time for daily Mass and a quiet dinner with my family each night, I will worry about going to the gym to workout. I certainly do get exercise and I believe good eating habits are important, but having a “hot bod” is not high on my list of things to do.


mschrank realized her faux pas in not choosing the best words…lol:D But, I think more of what she is saying is to not take each other for granted and not* try *to keep ‘ourselves up,’ so to speak. Our health is part of our responsibility to God…I will say this–that many health issues, nevermind marriage issues…can be helped if we all did something physical each day to keep our bodies in shape. It’s not perfection we should strive for…but HEALTH.

This can be a touchy subject, because there are so many ways these threads can be taken…What I like about everyone here, is that u make me think…past my own thoughts and try to see a different perspective.

This comic is funny–might be a little extreme…but …you be the judge.





Being way overweight and having a hot bod…that’s kind of extreme in both cases.


you might want to check out this month’s Readers Digest for an article that refutes this claim, and the mistaken notion that “if I just could get thinner I would become sexier”. Sexual attraction and satisfaction does not have all that much to do with weight.

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