The Hallel sung at the Last Supper

We can be pretty certain that the “hymn” sung by Jesus and His apostles before they headed out towards Mount Olivet on Maundy Thursday was the Hallel.

I have heard it suggested that the customary tune for this at that time was the melody which survived into modern times (until Vatican 2) known as the Tonus Pelgrinus.

Can anyone confirm this?

Also has anyone recorded the Hallel being sung in Hebrew to this melody?

Here’s a 1953 Yemenite singing… I’m not sure about any authenticity to an original melody, though…how would we know?

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The Israeli authorities have done a lot of work on musical archaeology

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I know they can when they find old scripts with markings for intonation but I think all of these are Middle Ages at the earliest. Do we have any from earlier?

Any traditional group would preserve the melodies and be adverse to changing them but they still tend to drift over time. So getting back to 1st century…we could maybe get close yet never be sure.

That kid in the background is enjoying himself so much, I love it. Ty for sharing

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