The Hand of God, or Mere Coincidence? ... the Curse

The Six Hundred and Sixteen Families upon which the Curse of the Pillaged English Monasteries Fell
in Three Parts by Paul Stenhouse, M.S.C., Ph.D


The Curse

Maurice Baring, a member of the well-known banking family, and a convert to Catholicism, was in Russia at the height of the Bolshevik revolution. He relates an incident that occurred in a Russian village when a band of atheists (calling themselves ‘Bezbozhniks’ i.e. ‘Without God-ites’), arrived, mocking the faith of the peasants. The leader of the Bezbozhniks addressed a gathering of the villagers and taking a sacred ikon said: "I will spit on this ikon and you will see whether fire comes down from heaven to kill me, or not.’ He then spat on the ikon and said to the peasants: ‘You see, God hasn’t killed me.’ ‘No,’ said the peasants, ‘but we will’ And they did.

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