The hand of the dog?


psalm 2- Deliver, O God, my soul from the sword: my only one from the hand of the dog.

What does the hand of the dog refer to? Dogs don’t have hands. Thanks God Bless.

Do lot let me fall into the hands of the Devil…it is one ways of understanding it…The dog here it seems has a bad connotation. I love dogs…

Psa 22, not 2!!

My version says “power,” not hand.

While handless, dogs do have power. And no, they were not much loved in Biblical times, sadly. The term was used as a human pejorative.

What is the Hebrew word used for hand/power in this verse? Anybody?


Does’t ‘dog’ here refer to non-Jews, i.e. Gentiles - those who are unclean? As in, a dog will eat anything, and not try to keep itself cleaned up.

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