The hardest thing I've ever waited for

In March 2018 I lost my fiancé. Shortly after I knew that life still had more planned Since I was 34 and I started to pray for The One. I kept getting signs of hope. Non-stop prayers to St Thérèse have been in effect since the month I lost my fiancé. And then, last year I lost someone who I liked but never met and got signs about him passing. I didn’t realize until after. I reached out to his roomates who had to deal with this guy’s passing. One was someone I will name Josh. I knew he wasn’t okay and checked on him from time to time and he was very appreciative.

I kept praying to St Thérèse for The One. Then in March 2019, I realized I liked him. Since then, I’ve had hundreds of signs that Josh is the guy I’m meant to be with. And it makes sense. I asked for clues and got Josh everytime. I asked this for months and never got anything until him. We get along great but there have been obstacles in the way. So, with this being said, what are some good novenas or prayers for The One?

Just pray for God’s will for your life.

“The One” does not exist. There are any number of people you could marry. The fact that you are referring to someone that way like there is only one person meant for us is kind of strange.



“The One” violates our belief in free will.

Fixating on a guy when

might mean he is not into you.

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Rather than focus on Josh, pray for your future husband, that he grow closer to God, that his faith increases, that God protects him and helps him with his decisions. Don’t ask for hints, clues, signs. Ask to be in God’s will. You could start to focus on Josh and miss what God is doing.

Even when I dated guys, I wasn’t busy in my brain with ‘is he THE ONE’.
I prayed ‘Protect me from myself!!’ because I am going to go in my own direction and my own will.


Soul mates are not a Christian concept. You cannot place ANYONE above God. He will disappoint you if you do. It’s not fair for your boyfriend to expect him to rise that high as The One.
Just ask him out for coffee or something… and see where it goes from that.
The designated saints for marriage are St. Nicholas, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Rafael, St. Anne (mother of Virgin Mary).
Praying for your happiness and wellbeing!

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