The Haunting Of Hill house (Minor Spoilers)


I have just finished watching this new ten part Netflix series and i have to say it is one of the best told horror stories i have ever seen. Watching the Bates Motel and now this i feel it is clear that Tv shows are going to overtake Hollywood movies mostly because they have much more time to unravel the story and for character building so you feel much more attached. Tv shows are essentially more like books while movies are essentially short stories in comparison.

Anyway back on topic i loved this series and highly recommend it, it’s quite a deep story about family, love, trust, etc and the Horror element is intertwined in that, nowhere do you feel it is just another lackluster story that is there to drive the horror element. Because i love how well presented this was and the fact it is one of the most frightening horror shows i have ever seen there was a few elements that just broke the immersion for me. Essentially there is a large amount of supernatural activity that happens to the characters in this show but how they react makes no sense. They are for the most part in complete denial that what is happening is actually supernatural, they continuously see and experience things that frighten them so much it plagues their lives for years and tortures them but they just flat out reject that it’s anything more than delusions of the mind. This is actually the case right up till the last few episodes.

The acting is amazing, the story-line is extremely well done but take for example the youngest family member, she see’s things throughout her life that torture her yet she only tries to get help from naturalists who don’t believe in a supernatural element in the first place so their narrow world-view will never allow them to believe or help her. I just think we are so used to seeing in modern day horrors especially with demonic possessions where Catholic priests or even mystics being called upon to help them. If there is clearly a supernatural element then surely seek out those who understand it rather than those who will brush it off. The other family members are also plagued with visions but continue to brush them off as being some mental illness even though they never try to get help for them. Even one family member has the ability to see things when she touches something but brushes it off for the most part what supernatural elements there are. It’s just very hard to absorb how silly the characters behave by being unable to accept this reality over and over and over again, they only do so right towards the end. Anyway while i highly recommend this show i feel it needed to point out a flaw in it’s characters in an era of horror that accepts this reality. What do other posters think of this show?


Isn’t this based on a really old book (like from the 50s) that was made into a movie in the 50s or 60s already?


i think there were a couple of movies. Wasn’t Roddy McDowall in the first one? And then they remade it later?


I’ve needed another show to watch on Netflix ! I commute to work and back and have been needing something good to watch . I watched Bates Motel Loved it! , I’ve watched all seasons of American Horror Story . Someone recommended Daredevil as well .


Yes, Shirley Jackson.

I like it. It was a bit slow burner to begin with but glad I stuck with it. I haven’t finished it yet but at a very juicy bit.

I dislike everyone apart from Luke at the moment.


I’d like to read your post. There is a way to blur spoilers. If you click on the gear icon the third option is ‘blur spoiler’.

Anyway, I decided to watch this as I had heard good things. I don’t like watching anything too frightening, so I hope this isn’t. But of course this had to have homosexuality in it. In the first episode the only ‘romantic’ connection is homosexual.

It is impossible to escape homosexuality in modern American produced media. They shove it down our throats any chance they get. I am mixed on whether I should watch this.


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