The Heart of A Child


Father Ron Rolheiser’s column:

The Heart of a Child

Unless you change and become like little children you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

How can we do that? How do we unlearn sophistication, undo the fact that we are adults? What kind of recessive journey can revirginize a heart?

Part of our quandary, I believe, comes from how we think of the heart of a child. When we picture the heart of a child we almost automatically think of innocence. A child’s heart is innocent by nature. Indeed it is stunningly innocent. There are few things in this world that can stop us in our tracks, make a man watch his language, make a woman watch her actions, make all of us watch what we talk about in open conversation, make us regret bad decisions, and make us want to be better persons than the innocence of child. Innocence is a powerful moral light that sears the soul.

But that isn’t exactly what Jesus had in mind when he challenged us to become like little children. We cannot remain children. Read on HERE


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Insofar as I know there is no email subscription. I regularly get his column through Aust. Catholic News (Church Resources) but not always…so I also have a note in my email Inbox calendar to check the site every 10-14days for anything interesting that may be new. This is what I do with sites of interest that do not have an email subscription facility - simply note in my calendar events (with reminder) with link to site to check every so often (10 days etc. to monthly) for anything new and interesting.
The above may be “long winded” but it works ok for me:D
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