The heretic: Pope Honorius, Bishop of Rome


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There is absolutely, positively no question that Honorius was, in fact, condemned as a heretic by the 6th Ecumenical Council which met in Constantinople in 680-681 for a teaching he promulgated in an official letter sent to Sergius as the bishop of Rome.

Please read the article. How does Rome bail Honorius out?



Did Honorius “as a heretic(as you may call)” taught, by virtue of his office, doctrines that are against the Catholic Church?

Just look at your own “church” and you will see how so many thousands of conflicting doctrines you’ve got (hence thousands of heretics). You don’t have to look into the Catholic Church because we have none.



Honorius didn’t fulfill all of the following requirements with Sergius to violate the Church’s teaching on papal infallibility.


This has been dealt with a few times already in other threads.


Discussed at length in a recent thread in non-Catholic religions

Dom John Chapman probably has the most detailed history

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