The Heroic actions of Muslims during WW2 to save Jews and fight the Nazis

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I understand some Arabs were involved in the persecution of Jews during WW2. At the same time scholars and historians argue that in fact, More Muslims fought with allied forces during WW2, and that only 1% of Jews in Muslim majority lands disappeared during WW2 compared to 50% in European nations. I’m writing this message for the purpose of asking folks what their views are on the actions of Arabs during WW2 in response to the persecution of Jews.

I recently watched The case for Israel: Democracy’s Outpost, its on netflix and features Bibi Netanyahu, Benny Morris, Alan Dershowitz. I just want to aid as a side note Netanyahu has some good human qualities but Benny Morris/Michael Oren are not the best historians, in my view.

Nonetheless, one of the topics discussed in the documentary is the issue of WW2 and the Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseinim who by the documentary’s own admission was installed by the British. This post is not meant to discuss the current Israel Palestine issue whatsoever, but rather to focus on WW2 and the actions of Arabs/Muslims during WW2.

According to Michael Oren(an Israeli political official) the grand Mufti became an ardent anti Semite who joined Nazi forces. This is correct. What I sort of disagree with are the following comments by Oren…

Oren claimed Palestinian Arabs supported Nazis W/O mentioning how in fact, many Muslims risked life to save Jews in WW2. And that the Grand Mufti was able to accomplish minimal of his goals, the grand Mufti was largely ignored by the many good Muslims during WW2. Muslims even assisted allied forces during WW2. Oren does not include this in his remarks.

There is a known fact, that 50%, again 50% of Jews in Europe disappeared during WW2(not including Albania and we will get to this later in the post) In the occupied Muslim Majority countries, only 1 % of the Jewish population disappeared.

As for Muslims protecting Jews, Well I don’t think its isolated, I think its far from Isolated. Considering that during WW2 only 1% of the Jewish population of Muslim majority countries (in and around North Africa) were eliminated by the SS. Arabs actually competed with fellow arabs to save the Jews, this was due to their Islamic beliefs. Even during Vichy control of their lands Arabs risked their lives to protect Jews. “All Muslims in Algeria accepted the Imam’s edicts to not take confiscated Jewish land” Again far from Isolated.

Where as 50% of the European Jewish population fell to the SS in WW2.

There were German(SS) checkpoints in WW2 Africa, there were instances of elimination of jews in Africa/Arab majority countries in ww2, it was the Arab Muslims who bravely risked their life to prevent their Jewish communities from being arrested/killed on the spot.

As for Albania, yes these Albanians were into besa, but they will gladly tell you “there is no besa w/o the Quran, there is no Quran w/o Besa, and to save a life is to gain entry into paradise”

"Photographers Norman Gershman and Stuart Huck speak about their exhibition of photographs of Albanian and Kosovar Muslims who risked their lives to save the lives of Jews during World War II. They are joined by Johanna Neumann, a German Jew who survived the holocaust in Albania with assistance from Muslims.

Sponsored by the Holocaust Lecture Series"

As for Morocco, Algeria , and Tunisia, there were checkpoints all over the place. SS troops were stationed in North Africa during ww2. But of course Muslims did everything they could to hide jews in these countries.

Eventually the Germans Arrived in Morocco, “When the vichy authorities poured pressure on the King of Morocco, they told the king there were 200,000 yellow stars for the jews to wear, the king of Morocco said make 20 more b/c those are in my family, and there are no jews or Muslims in Morocco, only Moroccan subjects of the King”

“The imams of Algeris jointly issued a fatwa asking Muslims to not take part in the confiscation of Jewish land, every Muslim in Algeria accepted this”

While under German occupation"the newly crown prince of Tunisia thought of the jews as his own children" and did what he could to protect them.

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Along with the successful Allied Invasion(in which Muslims assisted) it was also the Muslim populations which played a roll in preventing more then 1% of the Jewish populations of North Africa/Albania to fall into the hands of Rauffs men, other SS. Rauff (Walter Rauff, an SS officer) and his men, along with other SS members in North Africa/Albania were attempting, thru WW2, to kill as many Jews as possible in North Africa/Albania.

Nevertheless, As for Albania

*The objective of the planned documentary Back from the Brink (for further details, see my letter in AJR Journal, December 2009) was to express gratitude to individuals and/or countries that helped us Jewish refugees to survive. I personally had felt for a long time the need and desire to thank Albania and its population for having saved my life since after Kristallnacht Albania was the only country that was prepared to offer my parents and me a safe haven. This made me keen to include scenes filmed in Albania in our documentary. However, my failure to secure sufficient funding made it impossible to cover the cost this would have involved. Fortunately, the Albanian embassy in London was prepared to enable me and a cameraman to spend three days filming in Albania.

Though I vividly remember the generous hospitality Albanians offered us Jewish refugees in 1938-39, I must admit I had not been aware that Albania is the only country in Europe with more Jews after than before the war: there were 200 Jews before and 2,000 Jews after the war. This clearly shows that Albania became a safe haven for Jews during the last war because Albanian families were prepared, even at the risk to their own lives, to offer shelter to Jewish refugees.*


Albanian Muslims of the time would tell you there is no Besa w/o the Quran

Many Blessings to all :slight_smile:

Amin Al Husseini meets with Adolf Hitler in November 1942

Amin Al Husseini with one of his Nazi Muslim Troops - 1943 Hanzar SS Division.


The website will give you the rest of the information of the ‘other’ story.

You might also want to investigate the actions of the Free French forces in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. A number of the Free French military units were Muslim.


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