The Hidden Truth Behind ‘V’

The Hidden Truth Behind ‘V’
by Leigh Scott

Like many conservatives, I was intrigued and excited by the promos for ABC’s reboot of one of my favorite mini-series, “V.” Finally, we thought, one of us had infiltrated the system and slipped one by the hippies who run Hollywood. Even better, we hoped that ABC, in a brash display of “corporate greed” had decided to green-light a series that appeals to the many of us (the majority of the country actually) who are less than enthralled by the hopey changeiness of the current administration.

. . .

Scott Peters didn’t set out to make a show that exposed the dangers of hero worship and the insidiousness of fascist and statist societies. He didn’t want to compare the Obama administration and the Democrats to flesh eating reptiles.

But he did.

Peters simply imagined how, in today’s society, one group could control the masses. Replace religion with secular or scientific “hope.” Promise things that are impossible like free universal health care. Manipulate the media and force journalists to only portray the positives in order to protect their careers and their egos. Utilize the Internet through social networking and slick websites. Create a sense of “coolness” and “hipness” in order to woo the youth of the world.

All of these tactics are amoral, corrupt, shifty, and slimy. It’s not Peters’ fault that they would actually be used by an American politician.

. . .

“I’m sure everyone who serves in Palpatine’s galactic empire gets free health care.” This guy is classic. Thanks for linking his blog! :thumbsup:

Really? No idea that’s what it was about. That’s almost exciting… I didn’t think people went deep any more, especially on tv.

It reminds me of a subway station in Moscow (nothing like NYC, the stations are like mini-museums!) where there’s statues hunched over under the archways. The man hired to carve(during hieght of Cold War, USSR) them made them hunched to show the oppression of the system, and the meaning flew right by the bureacrats, and they’re still there today as a reminder to never go that way again.

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