The historicity of the Gospels

I’m studying the issue of whether or not the Gospels can be taken as historical, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any resources(articles, books, etc.)? I want both sides of the debate, so Christians and non-Christians alike please recommend any resources you find persuasive concerning the historicity of the Gospels/Acts. Thanks!

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels–Craig Blomberg.
The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable–F.F. Bruce

And here is a buddy’s website with links to all sorts of scholarly works for and against Christianity (he is a Reformed Protestant with Orthodox leanings—and a former “rock star”, by the way) and enough stuff to take years to pour through.

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Books, get um on Amazon

Pro Criag Blomberg-Historical Reliability of Gospels
Con-Barrie Wilson -How Jesus became Christian



I highly recommend Hidden Gospels: How the Search for Jesus Lost Its Way, by Philip Jenkins. It’s not directly about the historicity of the Gospels (though he touches on that). But it’s an excellent counter to the attempts over the past 10-20 years to argue that some of the non-canonical gospels are earlier and better sources than the canonical Gospels.

Thanks guys, these all seem to be highly rated on amazon, I’ll definitely read them all. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

Um, how about The Historicity of the Gospels by the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Commission? :wink:

Here are the other major relevant Church documents on Scripture:
*]Providentissimus Deus (Leo XIII, November 18, 1893)
*]Divino Afflante Spiritu (Pius XII, September 30, 1943)
*]Dei Verbum (Vatican II, November 18, 1965)
*]The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church (Pontifical Biblical Commission, March 18, 1994)

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