The History of Grits [May We Shun A Deadly Sin?]

“How many grits can you eat? Well some individuals in Santa Rosa County are going to give it their best shot on Sunday at the Grit Eating Contest.”

I don’t think it could be legislated but I would like an end to all eating contests. They seem the essence of waste, particularly since we have hungry people not only in this country but world-wide. It seems that folks have every right to put on these contests but they impress me as the height of immorality, like wasting water in the desert.

Not to mention that gluttony is one of the deadly sins. I have mentioned my prejudice against these contests to several people over the years and they gave me puzzled looks.

Speaking of wasting water in the desert, the US has made Phoenix, a city in the desert, into the fifth largest city in the US. It has 30 lush, green golf courses in its metro area, all dependent upon water which is irrigated across 300 miles of desert.

I’m not sure that eating contests are significant compared to our many other excesses.

I agree with you Beau, a lot of food is wasted when people have eating contest. i always think “this has got to be a sin” since there are people dying of starvation. I guess the people who give you puzzled looks have never given this much thought :frowning:

is it scrupulous to think ordering egg white omelets is wasteful? or are the yolks being used? i know, its a bit extreme lol

Ugh, I agree. While they may not be the worst sin on earth, eating contests are very symbolic of excess and they do involve a deadly sin exercised to its very pinnacle. I also just think they’re gross.

And Cindy, the egg white omelet thing may be scrupulous, but it’s good to think about waste. If it makes you uncomfortable, order Egg Beaters so you still get fewer calories and no yolks are wasted.


thanks MissMichal, although i should be calorie conscious :smiley: i’ve never actually ordered an egg white omelete because I cant stand the thought of wasting food while others are starving. I just wondered because a coworker of mine gets it all the time and i cant help but feel she’s being wasteful :blush:

Eating contests are not good for the participants. If a little bottle of vitamin **water **is around 120 calories, imagine the calories they’ll be taking in stuffing their faces with food.

Now a Fear Factor-esque insect/worm eating contest would be alright as they are essentially eating zero fat calorie “food” and getting rid of pests. :rotfl:

We feed the egg yolks to the dog. On this topic, I seem not to be the only iconoclast:

"ANDOVER — Something’s eating Paul MacInnis.

The 52-year-old Andover father of three, husband, Army veteran and book salesman can’t stand eating contests. He can’t stand them so much, he’s waging a one-man quest to ban them, starting with the world’s most popular one — the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest.


“On the one hand, we have an obesity problem that’s a public health time bomb. On the other hand, we have people going to bed hungry,” said MacInnis, sitting at his kitchen table and sipping a bottle of water. “Maybe this sends the wrong message.”

MacInnis isn’t the type of guy who usually gets involved in “these things,” he said. He said he can count on one hand the number of petitions he’s signed. He describes himself as “neither for nor against apathy.”

And this isn’t about promoting healthy eating, he said, it’s just about putting an end to something he sees as disgusting.

“This is gluttony glorified,” he said. “And that really bothers me.”

I agree…they disgust me as much as the drunken excess that some people engage in.

Wow, eating contests? Violence is one of the worst things in America, why arent people who waste time on these issues, wasting it on ending WWE, Cage Fighting, Action movies and other stupid ****. Those eating contests arent held all that often and some of the contestants are in better shape than most the people on this forum. If you are starving in America, you arent looking for food.

It’s a bit gross, but it is not something that I would spend much of my time worrying about when there is much else to do. This is kind of like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

There’s a really gross (but very funny in parts) Hungarian film called ‘The Taxidermist’ which centers on characters in international eating contests - the ‘training’ is a parody of the notorious methods used in training athletes in Russia and Eastern Europe under the old communist regimes.

Watching it might be enough to put quite a few people off.

“Pro wrestling” and mixed martial arts are two completely different things. Mixed martial arts require a ton of skill, athleticism, and trainnig, and the men and women who participate are elite athletes.

This is true.

Pro Wrestling, on the other hand, is more of a performance thing. A rather brash and uncouth performance.

Calm down. I don’t think a single thread on a Catholic forum constitutes someone “wasting their time” on the issue. Something can still bug someone without it consuming an inordinate amount of time.

Oh, trust me I know the difference. I’m not a supporter of any of it, although my brother has done a little bit of amateur MMA stuff. But, if I were to take time out of my already busy day to protest something, competitive eating would be the very last thing on my list.

The point was that they both promote violence.

I just thought this thread was a bit off the wall.

Well, I thought everyone else here needed to calm down. I do not watch the competitive eating shows, but I wouldnt turn it off in disgust if nothing else was on. There is just so much more to be offended by and fought against, a lot of those guys just like to have fun every once in awhile…

Although, I use to love jalapenos and I still do, just not as much. There was a jalapeno eating contest locally and I almost joined in on it. I think the winner ate 8 or 9 jalapenos in 1 minute.

I’m all for shunning deadly sins—like SLOTH–sounds like a whole bunch of “Catholic” pro choice Democrats to me :rolleyes:

Pocket Catholic Catechism:

Sloth is the desire for ease, even at the expense of doing the known will of God. Whatever we do in life requires effort. Everything we do is to be a means of salvation. The slothful person is unwilling to do what God wants because of the effort it takes to do it. Sloth becomes a sin when it slows down and even brings to a halt the energy we must expend in using the means to salvation.

Well of course! This is how a society that’s “made it” thumbs its nose at the others that haven’t finished the race yet! You think that’s bad? How about the Romans, who would eat untill they were sick, would then make themselves vomit, just so they could eat again.

Seriously though, this…eating contests…sniff you just made me patriotic again. *This *is why America is great, no? This is the prosperity our ancestors sought out when they came here? Beautiful, fields of grain, fruited plane…Shame about the buffulo, though. They’re tasty.

See…I think that’s the problem with our enemies. They see us and say, “White devil”. We’re not nearly so complex! Yes, we’re out to satisfy our every urge and fancy, and spread our ideology to, y’know, “influence” the savages so that they might seek to have what we have. But when it comes down to it, we’re the digestive tract of the world. The consumers. The mouths. The gaping maw. Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat…The other nations should be thankfull cannibalism is still a taboo over here. I hear the french make for fine dining!


After all, wasn’t it in WW2, when a reporter asked a GI what he was fighting for, he replied, “What I wouldn’t give for a piece of blueberry pie”?

Because, after carefully examining “The System” the only peice left of the American dream was apple pie. I just hope it’s a big piece.

Is grits singular or plural? :slight_smile:

It’s singular! “What is alone on your plate?” “Grits!”

Despite the change in the title of this thread, it is about competitive eating, not about grits or their history.

We always said that that 11th commandment was: “Thou Shalt Not Waste”.

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