The history of the Church

Here is a chance to learn more about the history of the Church.
There is a Vatican Exhibition going on in San Antonio, TX. For more info visit the following link

I have noticed that most catholics don’t understand the history of the church. Is it true that most will not use the Anglican or English translations of the bible for their proof texts?

First of all, yes, most Catholics don’t understand the history of the Church. They feel they don’t need to know the history of their Church. Personally, this ignorance can make them easier pickin’s for other Christians who mis-represent the history of the Church. I mean, can you believe some people claim the Catholic Inquisition killed 100 million Europeans?!? And the ignorant Catholic can’t refute it, since they have no clue whether it’s true or not.

In the regards to your Anglican or English proof texts, Huh? I don’t understand the statement. Can you elaborate?

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is there some reason a 2 yr old post about the Vatican art exhibit is being resurrected to talk about another topic? Why not just join the two current discussions on church history, or start a new thread on the topic.

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