The Hobbit a Christian novel

I’m aware that the Lord of the Rings (my all time favorite books and movies) is flooded with Christian symbolism, but is this the same with The Hobbit? I remember reading The Hobbit a lot as a child, but back then all I really cared about was the magic and adventure. I never really looked for an Christian undertones. Would you say The Hobbit, like its older brother The Lord of the Rings, is a Christian novel? If so, why?

Some thoughts about The Hobbit from Joseph Pearce:

I think it is definitely a Christian novel, for most of the same reasons that Lord of the Rings is. As far as things specific to the Hobbit and not Lord of the Rings, I think Smaug being a dragon is related to devil imagry.

It’s very dense and hard to read, but The Silmarillian has Christian overtones as well. It’s written kind of like the Bible for Elves, it has the creation story and such. While it doesn’t exactly mirror Genesis you can see a lot of parellels in the creation, the origins of the different peoples. For example, the humans live a semi-divine paradise kind of place, but then get corrupted by Sauron through their pride, and try to “take” immortality from God/the Angels, and are then banished to Middle Earth.

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