The Holy Eucharist fell out of my mouth!!!

I have been receiving the Eucharist on the tongue for about a year now, after our Priest had given a homily on showing reverence for the Blessed Sacrament. I would say that 90% of the parishioners receive in the hand, but I have felt a strong urge to receive on the tongue.

This morning the Deacon placed the Host on my tongue and it fell out! Thank goodness he was able to catch it and so Jesus was not on the floor. But, I was so shocked I just exclaimed “oh my heavens!” before the Deacon caught it and then placed it back on my tongue.

I have been extremely upset all day and can’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t understand how this happened and I’ve been running it over and over through my mind. Did I fail to open my mouth enough or fail to stick my tongue out enough? Or did the Deacon not place it correctly? I even thought that maybe I was unworthy because it seemed like Jesus jumped out of my mouth; although I dismissed this thought quickly because I just went to confession last week for Divine Mercy Sunday and felt sure I was still in a state of grace.

Now I’m afraid to receive on the tongue again. I can’t believe this happened to me and I’m having trouble getting over it.

Yeah, that’s scary but something like that happens once in a lifetime and for you, it ended well.

Jesus loves us and wants us to receive him. I have not seen or heard of even one case of a sacred host leaping out of someone’s mouth. Stuff just happens sometimes and I’m sure that’s the case here.

I receive on the hand but i do not touch the host with my fingers. I just lower my head and consume it that way. And even like that, the host was nearly dropped on the floor once as it sort of stuck to the minister’s hands while placing it in my hands.

That brings up a good question though. What is the protocol if a host does land on the floor? Anybody know?

I don’t receive on the tongue, but once after I placed the Host in my mouth I went to close my mouth and it almost fell out. It is a disconcerting feeling. I have been Catholic over 8 years and I would have been mortified if it had fallen out and on to the floor.
It happened so fast and I don’t know how it happened, but luckily I was able to keep it from falling out! It bothered me for several hours after Mass too, but it has never happened again as I try to be very careful how I place it now.

Perfect example of why the paten exists. I’m glad that you have such reverence for the Lord in the Eucharist. I’m sure (sadly) there are others out there who wouldn’t have given a second thought if it hit the floor.

If the Host falls on the floor, you pick it up and consume it reverently. Dirt and all. It’s your penance. The priest will clean the spot on the floor where the Host fell. In the olden days, a special cloth was always at the ready in the hands of the altar boy for this circumstance.

Nuns used to tell kids, “It’s okay to stick out your tongue at the priest!” Open your mouth wider next time. :slight_smile:

ps. I landed a Host on my shoulder once.

I have been receiving on the tongue for about 4 years now (gosh, that long already?). I still get nervous about this! Mostly because sometimes the priests/deacons/EMHCs don’t really know how to handle it or they are afraid of putting their fingers too close to someone’s mouth. Sometimes they just try to shove it in there as fast as they can and I don’t have time to open my mouth wide enough or stick out my tongue far enough! :o It has happened a couple times where they didn’t get it to stick quite well enough that it did almost fall, but thankfully, it did not.

It is good to have the highest reverence for the Eucharist…it is the Body of Christ, after all. I do think that it’s also good to remember that we are all human, and if it was unintentional, then one should only consider how best to do it next time.

I am sorry that the experience has so upset you.

I have been doing this for decades. Every time a Host has fallen, except once, it was the communicant trying to receive on the tongue.

It can happen for many reasons.
*]Yes, the person may not open their mouth wide enough
*]They may not stick their tongue out far enough
*]They may stick their tongue out so far that it is parallel to their chin
*]They may leave their tongue out too long or retract it too quickly
*]If their tongue is dry, it may not be moist enough for the Host to adhere to their tongue…this is what happens when it instantly falls…It has nothing to adhere to. It does not have an adhesive property of Its own
*]The minister can misjudge, particularly if they have any sensitivity regarding depth perception
*]If the person does not squarely stop, the minister is trying to hit a moving target

What happens in actuality varies as there is what is prescribed and the reality that an element of shock causes someone to react in a way beyond what directives prescribe.

The minister should recover the Host and, if deemed necessary, should cover the effected area by a purificator so that the area may be subsequently assured to be free of particles of the Host.

I can’t imagine why you say this. I have never encountered anyone who was indifferent to this happening. Like with the poster here, they are anything but indifferent.

Penance for what – she did not do anything wrong. If the Host were to have fallen and gotten dirty – the Priest or EMHC could reserve the fallen Host and and offered her a new one.

Well, on the other side of the equation, I have had over enthusiastic communicants decide to lean in to receive or otherwise misjudge – leaving me with their tongue in contact with my fingers. It is not pleasant.

I indicate to the minister distributing beside me to continue with both lines, place the ciborium on the altar, and go to the sacrarium in the sacristy to purify and then wash my fingers. If Communion is still going on when I finish, I return to the Communion station.

Thanks for the clarification. I was confused about the reference to penance also.

This is not correct at all and not how it is to be addressed.

Years ago when my son was receiving communion, probably not too long after he had had his first communion, he was receiving communion in his hand and it did fall on the floor. I did not have a clue as what to do and the priest wasn’t any help as he just stood there looking straight ahead so I told my son to pick it up and go ahead and put it in his mouth and we went back to our pew. I feel really bad about it but I didn’t know what to do, I just knew something bad had just happened.

Things happen. If this bothers you that much, please consider a more secure means in which to receive Holy Communion – communion in hand.

The individual distributing communion is the one that’s supposed to pick it up I believe.

Accidents happen every now and then. Jesus knows the difference between and accident and on purpose. He loves you and wants you to receive Him as often as you can.

That is not necessarily the most secure way to receive Holy Communion, I set in the front row on Sunday mornings, I am usually the second one to receive and for over 25 years, ( I have a Holy Hour during Mass and that is where we set.) I have never seen anyone who has received on the tongue loose the Host, but I have seen many who receive on the hand drop it. And I have seen many stick out one hand to take the Host. Even children. The EMHC always gives it to them but I have never seen a priest do it, they always tell them to hold their hands properly. I have also seen priests give it to them on the tongue cause they are juggling a baby or are elderly and unsteady. I have seen EMHCs pick up fallen Hosts and put them back in. I have seen EMHCs allow the people to dip the Host into the Precious Blood also. Seems our EMHCs are not well instructed. It’s not always the fault of the one receiving !!! Some EMHCs also give those who fold their hands a Blessing. Seems we could ALL use a little reminding once in awhile on how to receive Holy Communion properly. I have NEVER seen a priest leave the Communion line to wash his hands. God Bless, Memaw

Just one question: HOW? Were you a little kid next to a receiving adult who dropped it? Freak tornado? How?

It could have been any number of reasons though I doubt it was because you were unworthy. Personally I think for me I have a hard time opening my mouth enough and sticking my tongue out enough. I think, for me, the trouble stems from having to say amen and feeling a bit of pressure from the idea of a line behind me. In other words it all happens so quick when I get to the front to receive I think at times I’m not doing the best I can to prevent mishaps. I wish I had more time to prepare but I don’t.

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