The Holy Father brings 14 men and women a step closer to sainthood


Yes, seven are Greek Catholic bishops from Romania my country.:grinning:
I clicked on the article a grammar error on Vaticannews gives the sentence the opposite of what it is:
“A decree recognized the martyrdom of 7 Romanian bishops who killed under the country’s Communist regime between 1950 and 1970. They are Valeriu Traian Frenţiu , Vasile Aftenie, Ioan Suciu, Tit Liviu Chinezu, Ioan Bălan, Alessandru Rusu and Iuliu Hossu.:open_mouth:
Shouldn’t it be “who were killed”? :no_mouth:
They will probably be beatified officially by Pope Francis at Blaj, when he visits Romania this spring.:smiley:


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