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How can you "feel" the Holy Spirit?

In a practical way that is. Not in the Charismatic meaning of it, the gifts and such, but how can I explain the feeling of the HS in one's life?


I think to experience the Holy Spirit through his action in one’s life is more accurate than to feel, but that is because I am not generally a person who has been granted sensitive feelings or strong emotional response in relation to spiritual things, which is probably why I have not been drawn to charismatic worship, although I acknowedge its power and have seen its good fruits. I have strong interior response on occasion, but not at the emotional level.

Once we realize that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real, that we possess them, that we can activate them by asking Him, and that he has indeed come upon us with power, we come closer to appreciating his work in our life, in our spiritual growth and in the Church. We experience the evidence of his work, not necessarily his presence, at least that is how it seems to me.

If I ask her, and then my daughter cleans my house while I am out, I see the evidence of her work even though she is not present to me at the moment I return–the cleanliness and order, even the way she vacuums her way out of a room, is characteristic, I know that she and no one else has been here. My perception of the workings of the Holy Spirit is similar.

For instance we formally dedicate our CCD program to the Holy Spirit every year in our first class meetings, and when we pray together as catechists and staff. Our best catechists are those who have learned when to let the Holy Spirit take over. They also are the best prepared and organized, but they perceive when he is leading the students in their questions and discussion, the direction of the lesson, and making himself known as events play out.

For instance a mom who is also an aide told me a story last night of her son, a confirmation candidate, who had the opportunity to help an elderly neighbor. He related how profoundly touched he had been by the wife’s tender care for her disabled husband, even though she herself was frail. long story, but gist is he said he knew the Holy Spirit called him to help the couple and made himself known in this encounter. We know the Holy Spirit by who he is and by how, when and where he works.


That "feeling" is when "everything falls together". Joy is derived from the perception of progress. To perceive progress on an instinctive level, things have to seem to make sense. By them making sense (to your instincts), you only want for what will make sense from what you already perceive. Because you are wanting only what truly makes sense (assuming your perceptions were accurate), you continually get what you want - eternal joy.

The feeling is one of the sense that "everything is exactly as it must be and is good". You feel almost as though you are floating through life rather than struggling through life. You feel at ease with the flow of what is happening around you and have a sense of eternal hope because you can't imagine how anything could disturb your peace of mind.

It is a serious mistake though, to equate "peace" with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is NOT "at rest", but a harmony of the effort of life void of any internal conflict or wanting for anything different than what the total picture presents as available.

This adds that touch of life to what would otherwise be merely a almost dead existence of wanting nothing at all. To have joy, one must have desire and that desire must be in alignment with what is available to obtain (or perceived to be at the time).

The Holy Spirit is not a sleeping spirit, but a waltzing and whirling spirit of harmonious activity, free of any disturbance. :D


The Holy Spirit is in my heart every day when i try to pray, but can only moan with cries of despair over my failures.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



yeah i feel all tingly inside
and all peaceful


what a beautiful expression
I also see the movement, but sometimes for me it is much more like a high powered storm or driving wind, or the old baseball bat upside the head. Harmony yes, as in assurance that the decision or movement is the right one, but not always peaceful, oh know, if you ask him what he really wants you to do, it involves a lot of getting up off the couch and taking action.


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How can you "feel" the Holy Spirit?

In a practical way that is. Not in the Charismatic meaning of it, the gifts and such, but how can I explain the feeling of the HS in one's life?


When whatever decision you are led to does not go against the teachings of the Church. If it goes contrary to whatever the Church teaches, it is NOT the Holy Spirit.


We don’t have to feel the Holy Spirit :slight_smile: though some do. We know He’s working in our lives if there are fruits of the Spirit. Which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self control, etc. Most of all: love.

Other gifts the Holy Spirit gives us are repentance, contrition, humility, understanding, obedience…

If you’re interested in how the Holy Spirit feels like, I think it’s different for each person, for me I just feel a lot of peace/joy and …I don’t know, the only word that’s ever fit is “living water”, which is the description Jesus used. Like He is in me… and at those times, I can’t worry about anything and it’s easy to not sin.

But I think that’s just a consolation that’s meant for encouragement… the real evidence of the Holy Spirit is the “fruits” :slight_smile:


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yeah i feel all tingly inside
and all peaceful


Yes, I get a tingling down my leg, too:p.

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