The Holy Spirit and the Rosary

This evening we attended a wake for a relative on my husband’s side who committed suicide. It is so very sad, and my heart aches for his family. My husband is spending the night at a relative’s home this evening to give them a ride to tomorrow’s funeral. After putting my two girls to bed, I went into my own room to recite the Holy Rosary as I am doing a Novena for this man’s soul. Only three short prayers in, and my 5 year old (just turned five yesterday, happy birthday to her!) she came in with her blanket and asked if she could join me. I told her that she could go back to her room at any point she wanted, but that she was welcome to join me. My heart was so full of joy as she recited each and every prayer of the entire Rosary with me. She held the book and looked at the pictures of the mystery while we reflected on it. I am so grateful for such a beautiful, joyful moment to be granted in such a time of sorrow and tragedy. All glory and Praise be to God!

You are a blessed mom! I’m praying for your relative’s soul and for comfort for your family and loved ones.

OP, I’m very sorry that your family is dealing with such a sad situation, and will say a prayer for everyone.

I loved your story about your little one joining you in the rosary…how beautiful!

God bless you all.

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